hello from london!

after a long flight across the pond, i've made it to london. i was here at the beginning of the year, but it seems so long ago. a few things came rushing back:
- i seem to be in everyone's way. everyone is rushing, and i keep on bumping into everyone. i need to be more aggressive.
- my avant garde haircut over here is just regular. a lot of the guys over here have some crazy lids, from the young bloke to the guy in the business suit. i love it.
- the men dress very well. my gaydar is totally (and i mean totally) off.

okay, off to bed. hopefully i won't suffer from the effects of jet lag, as i have a couple of big days ahead of me. will post more later.
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this past week has been pretty busy. since sunday night, i've been staying with my friends donovan and brian down the block. i'm finally getting my floors re-done (i am finally collecting on an insurance claim) from maple floors to fabulous dark walnut. i went by this morning, and it looks like the interior of caban. brian and donovan have an amazing apartment, and it's been fun hanging out with them as their third roommate. i'll tell you the truth, since we've been doing something every night, while fun,i'm pretty tired...i guess i'm used to having a lot of downtime during the week.

also exciting news is that i'm off to london next week -- besides the work challenge, i can't to visit that city again and a few friends over there.

last night we went and saw rent. it was good, but i had high expectations -- i truly wished that i saw it in the theatre first. anyways, it was good enough that i almost cried during the first song.

finally does every celebrity have to have a celebrity fragrance? shania?. do you own one? seriously who buys them?
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random thought.

i'm officially aging. i think i need to switch tooth paste brands, because eating certain foods hurt.
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ask randy: it's all in the details

Dear Randy,

Getting ready for work this morning, as I was picking out my socks, it struck me... When is it acceptable to wear white socks (if ever) with your "nice" clothes? I was told long ago the basic rule that your watch match your belt match your socks match your shoes. And with "nice" clothes I have always used black socks. But is that always true? Let's say you're wearing some kind of white dress shirt with grey dress chinos and black dress shoes... Is it OK to wear white socks (or any other color for that matter)? Are there rules to all this, or some form of guidelines for the hopelessly lost?


Ok, I'll throw out a hard and fast rule...white socks should never be worn with black dress shoes, period....) White socks should be reserved for the gym, when you're wearing your sneakers, and possibly when you're wearing casual athletic inspired shoes (i.e. puma kicks).

A few other guidelines on choosing your socks:
- Match your socks with your pants. It is all about creating a flow between your pants, socks and shoes. Wearing a pair of socks that are in the same tones as your pants will create a streamlined look.
- Patterns are great. But remember, unless it's Christmas, try and go for colour and patterns that compliment the colours in your pants and the rest of your outfit.
- The weight and fabrication of your pants, and the type of shoes you are wearing give you clues as to the type of socks you should wear. If you're wearing a pair of grey dress pants, don't wear your thick wool socks that you wear for skiing even if they are grey. If you're wearing a pair of converse shoes, don't throw on a pair of gold toe nylon dress socks. And finally people, if you're wearing sandals, and I do not care how comfortable they are, and how cold your feet get, do not, and i repeat, do not wear any socks at all.
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i'm a bit behind in my posts, but i wanted to recap my weekend. cameron and i decided to take advantage of having last friday off (remembrance), so we went down to seattle to do a bit of shopping and experience the nightlife down there. up bright and early, we picked up our sexy rental car which was supposed to be a dodge stratus, but ends up being the silver bullet (i.e. a silver mini van). we wanted to accomplish a lot so we drew up an itinerary -- however the long hour border wait time sort of threw a kink in our plans. a few pit stops in bellingham and mount vernon, we finally ended up at the outlet mall. wow, all i can say is that i almost hyperventillated at a few of the stores. one thing i've got to hand to the americans -- they can certainly do retailing. in canada we do not have any true 'outlet' shopping, unless you count places like winners. i mean sometimes you can luck out at those places, but most of the time places like winners are where clothes go to die. if i lived in the states, i would need to be careful, or else i think i would be bankrupt (but i would look fabulous!).

after our shopping excursion, we checked into the sheraton.
all i have to say is that the beds certainly beat what i'm used to (except for my own bed). definitely was well worth it after a long day of driving, shopping and dancing the night away.

here are a couple of good pictures...

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hang up.

is this what i look like? so funny.
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ask randy: a classic suit

Hey, hey! I wanted make it on your blog, so I'm asking a question:

I think it's time for my husband to get a new suit. He NEVER wears suits
and the last one he bought is some nasty shade of forest green that he
bought in the early 90's. I refuse to be seen with him in that suit so any
occasion that requires a suit, he wears a shirt, tie and trousers. He has a
couple of nice dress shirts and a couple of nice pairs of wool trousers (a
dark grey pair and a dark brown pair with very light cream pinstripes). I
would like him to get a nice, classic suit that he can wear to weddings,
formal parties, etc. and will stand the test of time. Can you recommend
styles, colours, etc.? Also, what is the style for ties right now?


That's a very good question, what to look for in a suit, especially if you're husband very rarely wears a suit. I think if chosen correctly you can certainly find something that will last several seasons. I myself have a suit that is almost six seasons old, and while the silhouette trend has slightly changed (jackets are shorter, shoulders are more natural), I continue to get compliments on it whenever I wear it.

Generally, if you're looking for something that will stand the test of time and be versatile enough to be worn for different ocassions, look for the following:
- for fabric, choose charcoal grey or black with a tonal pinstripe. Or go for a classic navy with a similar tonal chalk pinstripe
- lightweight wool, preferably with a high twist (i.e. not a gabardine) so that it can be an all season suit. And of course, 100% wool...
- lapel: notch lapel vs. peak
- a two button jacket vs. a three button (never four)
- a double vented jacket
- pants: flat front or one pleat -- this creates a streamlined effect. Finish the pants with a plain bottom versus a cuff.

As for ties, you can never go wrong with a classic striped rep tie.

Good luck and let me know what you come up with!
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oh canada!

via towleroad...

Texas has banned gay marriage, becoming the 18th state to adopt an anti-gay marriage constitutional provision.

Texans for Marriage leader Kelly Shackelford: "Texans know that marriage is between a man and a woman, and children deserve both a mom and a dad. They don't need a Ph.D. or a degree in anything else to teach them that."

and i thought i wanted a cowboy...

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ask randy: the square toe.

Hi Randy,
From fashionable gay male to another....I want your take on this question. Are "square toe" dress/casual shoes still "in". I love the look because it is very European and the fact I have a wider foot, it affords for more roominess. I can't see myself going back to pointier dress shoes after having worn square toe shoes forever. Your thoughts?

Ate Warren~

Good question...I am personally on the hunt for a dress shoe, yet there doesn't seem to be anything that really catches my eye. I know that for the past few seasons, pointy was in, however I think it is going back to square. Another thing that i know for sure is that while it is all the rage for women, it is definitely not back to a truly rounded toe. I think it's more about shape, I think the trend is to go for something that elongates the foot, not exactly to a point and not complete square and with a lower profile. And let's embrace brown people -- I'm all about brown -- black reminds me too much of my elementary and high school uniform.

I wouldn't mind these Prada lace-ups..
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have been looking forward to see this movie as well as 'the gay cowboy' one. sam mendes is the director of one my favourite movies, american beauty. i still think my favourite 'war' movie is 'full metal jacket', however this might be a close second. though jakc is my husband, i haven't seen a lot of his movies -- he turns in a an amazing performance, along with peter sarsgaard and jamie foxx. if he doesn't get nominated for this, it will probably be for brokeback mountain.

i don't read a lot of other blogs that do not belong to my friends, but i've found one that i'm hooked on. warning, it has homosexual tendencies. it's great for gossip and interesting links.

oh and a belated thanks to all those wished me a happy birthday. i won't lie, i was kind of bummed out about the big double three, but when woke up last wednesday, i felt differently about turning one year older. thanks to all for the greetings from near and far.
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halloween 2005.

been late in posting, but not much to say except that this was one the most fun i've had during halloween since i used to go trick or treating.

the following two photos sum it up.

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ask randy: a place for dinner.

Oh guru of all that is fashion and social I have a question for you.

It has been four years now since I met my GF and I want to take her out somewhere nice for dinner. We’ve been to places like Seasons, the Tea House, The Boathouse and The Cannery. As a bit of a side note, My GF does not mind going to smaller places and LOVES Thai food (heck, she’d be happy just going to Thai House even – I’ve even considered Thai House Robson…).

So my question to you is what place you would recommend?

Thanks Double R!


Well dining out is something I enjoy, and I wish I could do it more often. I have been to a few new places lately, however I have been disappointed, so I won't tell you to go to those places. But here are a few of my favourites that I would recommend for a special night -- I wish someone would take me!!!

- Feenies (I wish I could afford Lumiere, but this place has a nice atmosphere and and fabulous food)
- Coast -- the food is fantastic, but it's kind of loud, so i'm not sure if it is super 'romantic'
- Tapastree, nice atmosphere, great food tapas style, a little gem hidden west of denman on robson
- Parkside in the west end -- very romantic, small room, intimate
- Diva at the Met -- I love fabulous service over a long lingering meal...for some reason I feel like I'm in Manhattan when I'm there

Let me where you end up going and have fun!
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ask randy: tuck or not to tuck?

Dear Randy,

I know this question may come across as lame, but I honestly don't know the answer...How do you know which shirts must be tucked in, and which shirts don't have to be? Rumor has it that if the bottom sides of the shirt does this: / then you don't have to, and if it does this --- then you have to. Or something like that?


Thanks Ernie! Don't worry, no questions to 'ask randy' are lame!!! I'm actually not sure technically if the way the sides of a shirt are designed dictate whether a shirt should be tucked in or not -- you got me there. I have a few guidelines of my own that I think should help you decide on whether you should tuck or not tuck:

First of all the type of pants you wear helps to decide whether you should tuck in.
- tuck in when you're wearing dress slacks
- tuck in when you're wearing chinos, or not (maybe just don't wear chinos at all)
- do not tuck in when you're wearing jeans

Also the type of shirt dictates whether you should tuck in:
- tuck in when you're wearing a dress shirt (i.e. a shirt that has a collar size vs. S M L)
- do not tuck in when you're wearing a sport shirt
- do not tuck in a sweater or a knit, that just looks weird
- do not tuck in tank tops
- tuck in a t-shirt if you want to reference a gay icon from the 70s or if you have amazing washboard abs. Otherwise remember my number one rule -- contour with clothing!!!

Finally the length of the shirt gives you a clue whether you should tuck in or not.
- if the shirt is halfway down your leg, then you sould probably tuck in
- if the shirt just hits below the waist, well leave it untucked!

Then there is always this...the half tuck.

Hope this helps!
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