day three.

headed up to cypress for only my third day of riding this year, in preparation for my big whistler trip with aimee from the land of no mountains (toronto) next month for three or four days.

the great thing about snowboarding is that even if i'm still learning, it's great to be up there in 'dem mountains.

from cypress's web cam.

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for those using an atom enabled tool (such as one of these), my blog now has an xml site feed, courtesy of blogger.
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double r.

well, i finally got to it...say goodbye to "de con struc ted" for now, and welcome to "double r", my new and improved blog. i tried my best to make it different, but i guess it sort of looks similar to the old one :). there are still some kinks to work out but more importantly, hopefully i will get back to posting more regularly of anything and everything that is on my mind.

hope you like the new look.
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dream or nightmare
well, it has been three years (almost) since i've had www.randyromero.com, and ever since then my site's design and content has, according to me been only "temporary". though i do work with html and php all the time, and most of the sites that i do are text-based, it is hard for me sometimes to be inspired for my own stuff. having a new colleague in the office that is basically a css guru has motivated me to get off my ass and see what i can do. i took a stab at a re-design last night, and was pretty much unhappy with what i came up with (which was a sort of 70s inspired basement wood-panelling motif, too fugly to post here). however just as i was about to fall asleep, i came up with a colour scheme, design and structure for version 2.0 all in my head. i usually have "pseudocode" episodes in the shower before i get to work, however not usually before i go to bed. i can't wait to work on it later tonight -- hopefully i'll be able to post something soon.

anyone else out there dream about code?
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spicy asian green beans
i love ordering this at restaurants, but i found the following recipe and it is such a quick and easy thing to make. for those of you who don't know, i'm currently on this diet, so i've had to search for things to eat both at home and out that are "allowed". hopefully i will be able to create a section like noel soon...

here it is:

1 tablespoon canola oil
1/2 tablespoon dark seasame oil
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
3/4 lb green beans
kosher salt or sea salt

1. boil some water.
2. drop green beans in for 2 minutes.
3. drain and blanch (run cold water over them or shock them in an ice bath).
4. heat oil and pepper flakes in a pan until oil starts to smoke.
5. add beans and stir fry for 2 min.
6. turn off heat, toss in sesame seeds, seasame oil, season with salt, and serve.

courtesy of recipezaar.
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baby emily.

here's a recent picture of emily, my other goddaughter (veejay + michelle's daughter). the only negative about living in van is that i'm so far away from my family...she's getting big fast! i've got to make more of an effort to see her + lauryn before they get too big and become 11.
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welcome criperville
...welcome cristina -- happy posting -- look forward to all the 'reads' to come...
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baby lauryn is one!
a picture of my cute goddaughter, who is turning one on february 7th...i can't believe she's already one!
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for those of you out there (you know who you are).
...my blog now has an XML/RSS feed (courtesy of noel) for your favourite rss reader. now you have no reason to not be "up to date!"
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top 5 stevie wonder songs
stevie wonder truly is a musical prophet -- how can i narrow them down to just five. seriously, all day long i listen to songs from his compilation "at the close of a century" -- i can never get tired of his music, of the breath and depth of his genius.
so, my top 5 stevie wonder songs (for right now) are:

5. As
4. Ribbon in The Sky
3. My Cherie Amour
2. You Are The Sunshine of My Life
1. Sir Duke
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reason #2 for a digital camera.

...this was taken way back in october at whistler for shawn's birthday. the light coming from the sun behind us makes the photo quite interesting.

it was a great weekend.
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the o.c.
embarassing i know, but i'm addicted to this show. i know it is unrealistic, however, it is a good escape for an hour. watch for fashion cues -- as i have been saying, it's all about getting that "seth cohen" look.
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after nagging him enough, kevin + his dad took us out on their sailboat on friday afternoon. advised to dress warmly, i actually did (i'm always warm), and boy was it cold. however it was beautiful to be on the water nonetheless, and to be able to see vancouver from a different vantage point. it was cool cause we 'docked' (right term?) the boat right at granville island where we picked up a coffee to warm up. too bad i don't have a digital camera (yet) to capture the afternoon.

even with all its problems, vancouver is truly a beautiful city. i am so lucky to live here.
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Masaganang Bagong Taon
...or happy new year in tagalog. it has been said that how you spend your new year's eve is a good indicator of how you will spend the rest of your year. new year's for me this year was a blast, so i hope that it is a good sign for 2004.

so, my top five resolutions for myself:

1. work hard, play hard.
2. find something in my community where i would like to volunteer my time.
3. take better care of myself (body, mind and soul).
4. cherish my friends and family.
5. live in this moment, now.
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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada