ask randy: the square toe.

Hi Randy,
From fashionable gay male to another....I want your take on this question. Are "square toe" dress/casual shoes still "in". I love the look because it is very European and the fact I have a wider foot, it affords for more roominess. I can't see myself going back to pointier dress shoes after having worn square toe shoes forever. Your thoughts?

Ate Warren~

Good question...I am personally on the hunt for a dress shoe, yet there doesn't seem to be anything that really catches my eye. I know that for the past few seasons, pointy was in, however I think it is going back to square. Another thing that i know for sure is that while it is all the rage for women, it is definitely not back to a truly rounded toe. I think it's more about shape, I think the trend is to go for something that elongates the foot, not exactly to a point and not complete square and with a lower profile. And let's embrace brown people -- I'm all about brown -- black reminds me too much of my elementary and high school uniform.

I wouldn't mind these Prada lace-ups..

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