ok, so it's the start of the long weekend. i've been wanting to post, but have been too busy and really haven't had the energy to do so. 'being busy' is such a stock answer, so what does that mean? well work, with this, working out, life, lots of me time. looking forward to getting away in two weeks! can't wait!

this weekend is gay pride, so to all you brothers and sisters, friends, etc. -- have a great time! we are so lucky to live in vancouver which is so tolerant (most of the time) and in a country that recognizes our equality.
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random thoughts.

1. the cell phone is the new 'cigarette', for places where you are waiting alone in promixity to others where you are in view, such as the bar. i've seen many people standing alone waiting (maybe nervously), and then light up a cigarette. now i see people (including myself) sending a text message, or checking their voice mail.

2. this week is gay pride week, and it's basically christmas for gay people.
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mori + ali.

last friday, mori and ali got married. i'm very lucky -- i tend to get invited to a lot of weddings each year, and while they are all special in their own way, there are some that end up being very memorable for me. mori and ali was one of these weddings for me. everything was tastefully done, from the simple decor to her gorgeous dress that referenced her japanese heritage. what the highlight for me was how everything was so heartfelt -- the speeches were not boring, not over run by sentimentality, just genuine and real. and of course the open bar was nice too...:)

it was nice to be a part of it. here are some pics, and more pics here.

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red-eye correction.

random thought, i'm not exactly sure how it works, but the auto red-eye correction tool in the software for my digital camera doesn't work on asian or darker skin people, but works perfectly on caucasian people.
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dean's birthday.

last wednesday, the university crew headed to glowbal for dinner and drinks to celebrate dean's birthday. it's funny because even sometimes it feels just like yesterday i was at ubc, it actually has been ten years since i graduated! of course this doesn't mean we still don't party like we're in university.

i rarely go out on a school night, but after glowbal, we headed to the world famous roxy, which is basically like the pitt pub, but a bit older. it's so funny that in general, when i go out to straight bars i often meet people (read: guys), versus when i'm at a gay bar or pub. maybe it's the aura that i give off. maybe it's because i don't seem to care as much.

the whole bar scene is rather confusing.

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donatella versace.

ok, been remiss with the posts...what's been going on -- lots of stuff it seems. antonio, my friend who moved to singapore last year was in town for his brother's wedding, so i spent a couple of days hanging out with him. we went to shabusen for lunch on his birthday, for their famous lunch buffet. it seems though that as my tastes mature, i am not so down with the "all you can eat" -- however you can't complain about $12.95 for lunch.

anyways, i finally met his cousins from italy, mauro and fabio -- they were great. they also let me 'practice' my italian (i.e. donatella versace, giorgio armani, dolce gabanna :)). let's just say i'm in love with the italian language -- it sounds so melodic. i'm planning a trip to europe next year, so i'll definitely try and pay them a visit, especially since fabio lives in rome.

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random thought.

gay guys love using the word 'fabulous'.
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movie review: heights

i saw heights the other night -- it was a pretty good movie, not great, however the performances were. i always seek movies with sort of a gay angle or storyline, but usually when it is a drama, it doesn't end in a happy ending. without giving it away, it was nice to see one where there is some sort of resolution for the gay characters -- but i guess i just did :).
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feeling safe.

it's funny how much we take our personal safety for granted here in canada -- well at least me. now that i don't have a car, i pretty much rely on biking or taking public transit. i'm pretty sure most of the londoners felt safe on their way to work last thursday. now the last few times i've been on transit, i can not help but think about such a possibility.

i hope something like this doesn't happen again, anywhere.
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in a month or so.

...i'll be here. i'm going to the philippines, for the first time in almost 13 years. it'll be a short trip, but i look forward to sitting on this beach and doing nothing...

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happy birthday ed.

tonight we celebrated ed's birthday, down at the freehouse on denman, a nice little spot on english bay. it's amazing that only a year ago ed was pretty sick waiting for a kidney transplant -- it's amazing to see him today one year later, healthy and happy, new kidney and all. it was a low key night (though a couple glasses of red wine did me well after the monday that i had) -- ed is planning a big birthday bash in a month to celebrate having his new kidney for a full year.

click here for more photos
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emily's 2nd birthday party.

well, i can't believe how time flies. it seems as it was just last month that we had emily's first birthday party. great food as usual, good to see all of the babies. i don't have a picture of it, but finally saw the 'shed' that veejay has been working on -- essential a little playhouse for emily.

check out more pictures here.
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