check this out.
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unrequited and unresolved.
finally got around to seeing "Y Tu Mama Tambien". while i know i wasn't expecting a typical coming of age story, sometimes, when i see movies with the 'homoerotic' subtext, i sometimes long for a simple story with a happy, or even better, a clear ending. i mean i don't want julia roberts in Pretty Woman (probably less plausible), but at least something a bit less unrequited and unresolved.

That all being said, it was a good movie.
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a breath
finally moved into my new place this weekend. i have been so excited to move back downtown, i think i overextended myself by trying to do too much (i.e. i was at ikea in coquitlam right at 9 am), ran 16 k, partied a bit and rehearsed for four hours yesterday.

tired this morning, i smiled as i watched the cars rush by as i walked to work. boy, it's great to be here again.
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free time.
been meaning to post about this for a while now, but take a look at this first.

i can understand doing something like this when one is in grade school. however in the washroom of an office building, on the brass name plate of the elevator of our building i see stuff like this. who is doing is? and why do they have so much time on their hands?
people are so weird.
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finally made it up to whistler this weekend, for the first time this season, and actually the first time for snowboarding. it was incredible -- i could not believe the size of blackcomb -- i had no idea what i was in for. the sheer size, the number of lifts, the number of runs. but most of all i discovered the value of true powder -- amazing.

they say that once you go to a place like whistler, you can't go back to a smaller mountain. they might be right. i can't believe that only now i've discovered how beautiful and how fun being outside in the winter can be, doing something like snowboarding. i guess it's better late than never, for sure.
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board games are underrated.
instead of going out for a run during lunch, a few of us from work got together for a friendly game of scrabble. how fun!

thanks noel for bringing it in!
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maybe longer than fifteen.
from ubc's publicity machine -- i knew this guy once. :)
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fifteen minutes.
i just finished (half) watching my big fat greek life. i haven't seen the movie, but i would have to agree with grant -- nia vardalos' fifteen minutes is up. it would seem that the magic formula (whatever it was) should have been left intact.
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baby central.
last night, i went to veejay and michelle's new house for their 'official' housewarming party. they had invited all of their friends, past and present, and had a great spread to boot. the most shocking thing however was the number of babies at the party (and i'm not talking about the ten teens). count em -- 12 babies in total, all under the age of three...crazy. last year i remember mel serving her 'jello' shots and nick mixing some mean martini's at the bar. last night he was still mixing drinks, but mel's jello shots were absent, and i'm now the godfather of their baby girl, lauryn.
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