still busy.

Yes, still busy, no time to post these days...lost of stuff swirling around my head. A few random thoughts:

1. Does anyone know of a travel agency or sites that offer packages with prices not "based on double occupancy"? What do single people do?

2. Besides being able to watch Mc Dreamy, am I the only one that thinks Grey's Anatomy is overrated?

P.S. This is not the only thing in my brain.
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That seems to be my stock answer these days, when people ask me how I'm doing. While January seemed like it dragged on forever, the weeks seem to be whizzing by and I can't believe it is almost April. There's so much going that I remember that I need to stop to take a breath, and contributing to all these feelings of going a million miles a minute is all the change happening this year.

First I don't think I've talked about this here, but I'm going to be an uncle. Congratulations to my brother and his wife -- I can't believe the little one is going to be here soon.

Second of all, congratulations to my father...he's getting married! Big news, big news, big news indeed!

All of this while trying to prepare the company for it's tour to Belgium and upcoming shows. The logistics of a tour are compounded when trying to bring a company of almost 30 strong to Europe with all of our paraphanelia. Almost two weeks away from home with at least 10 shows to do. Crazy, but I know we can do it.

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ask randy: packing for paris in the spring.

Hi Randy,

This is a girlie question. We're going to France for a couple of weeks
in May - Paris and the south of France. To celebrate the occasion, I
want to buy a spring jacket, a pair of shoes and a pair of jeans. I
want something stylish that I can wear day-to-day in France and the
shoes HAVE to be comfortable to do lots of walking. What do you


Great question...first of all, I envy you -- I wish I could go to Paris...in the Spring -- how fabulous of you.

Anyways here are my tips:
1. Spring Jacket.
I am assuming the weather in Paris is like here so I would think the first thing too rememember is to layer, so you'll be able to add and subtract at will. In terms of a jacket, why not go for a cute, shrunken corduroy jacket, in a neutral or brown tone -- this will be able to take you anywhere. If you want to be very current, another option is a belted corduroy trench in a sand or tan color. Both jackets will be able to be dressed up or dressed down.

2. Shoes.
The operative word here is plural. You can't just bring one! But if you must, I would say you should bring 3 pairs. A pair of casual kicks (like puma or addidas) to go with your jean look, a pair of versatile heels for the nights out, and a pair of brown boots that will take you to all of the galleries if you can spare the room.

3. Jeans.
Think dark denim, in a very solid wash, straight cut and low rise, but not low riding. The dark colour makes them dressy enough when paired with a printed silk blouse and your new corduroy shrunken jacket.

Have lots of red wine and baguettes and make sure you go to the Louvre!
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party of five.

My friends have lent me Season One of Lost on DVD, and after the first six episodes, I'm hooked. It's very well done, great writing and almost makes me forget that I'm watching a television show. Anyways I never understood why Evangeline (who's from Canada by the way) is the latest hottest thing but her character on the show is great. And it's great to see Matthew Fox. He makes me miss this show...

Random thought:
- Very good looking guys tend to have nice, long eye-lashes.
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random olympic thoughts.

I'm behind on these random thoughts, but I really enjoyed the Olympics, at least watching it on T.V. I can't believe it's going to be in our own backyard in less than four years. I wonder if I'll be able to catch any of the events live!

Anyways, my random Olympic thoughts. There are straight men in skating, however they usually complete in Pairs or Ice Dance. The gays, well they are single skaters. If they are straight single skaters, well then they're "athletic" and "good jumpers". If they are gay, well then they are "artistic" or "pushing the boundaries" or are "extremely flexible"...:)

Also, the Vancouver 2010 portion of the Closing ceremonies in Turin, well, were a cliche. I've never gone ice fishing, and while we certainly love hockey, note to organizers of the opening and closing ceremonies for Vancouver -- we have other ways of entertaining other than Cirque du Soleil. I guess they do have four years to prepare, but I hope that like Turin, the ceremonies will reflect and have a distinct Vancouver and West Coast flavour.

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kathy's moving to ikea.

Actually, not Ikea, but the moving to the land of Ikea, Sweden. On Saturday night we had a going away party for Kathy and Roland. They've decided to uproot themselves and move to Sweden, back to Roland's home. Kathy has been my assistant for the past 11 years in KP, but more importantly has been my friend and confidant. She will be dearly missed.

The good thing is however is that she will be joining us when we go to Belgium for our tour!

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crash wins best picture.

Yes, I'm in shock. Even though I liked Crash, I didn't think it was great (especially the end).

I think most people will look back in ten years and will remember Crash, but just as the movie that beat out Brokeback.
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foreign cinema.

My San Francisco brothers and sisters, I need your help. I have a work colleague visiting your fine city next month, and I told them to check out this place. Is it still H.O.T.? Last couple of times that I was there I enjoyed myself -- I love that place!
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whoa, what a busy week. i know i'm slacking, but will have to update later.
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