taste test?

my workplace is a dog friendly environment. sasha comes in on wednesdays and fridays and nutmeg comes in on the other days. anyways, i bought some milkbone mar-o snacks for sasha, and you would think that she was eating the best tasting snack in the world.

question is, how do the makers of milkbone treats know what tastes good for the dog?
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good advertising.

the gap has such great campaigns, mainly as bill puts it, because they use stars, but they aren't the focus of the commercial.

please note, my boyfriend is starring in this one.
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things that make me go "hmmm".....

ok, so who wears these? i think they are only practical if one lives in the arctic circle. i don't care if she wears them, they just look dumb, you can't convince me otherwise.
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well this weekend we had our first workshop for the new season with my folk dance mentor, rcs. rcs has been instrumental in the group's development, and in my development as an artistic director. generally at the beginning of the season we bring him in to teach us some new pieces or some new research his has learned, and we incorporate these new pieces in our seasonal program. as well we usually bring one of their music leaders to also give a concurrent workshop on the music.

it was a great (albeit tiring) weekend. two full dances of intense rehearsal to say the least. i've been doing this for many years (this is my 12th season), and i can only imagine what the 'newbies' felt. anyways at yesterday's rehearsal, i sort of lost my cool. rcs had lost his voice, and as a result wasn't able to conduct the rehearsal at his usual pace. needless to say, i sort of 'lost my cool', trying to get everyone on the same page. i think some of the newer ones were taken aback by this. in reflection, i felt uneasy by this.

but to understand, i've always had a passion for philippine folk dance. when i was discovering it on my own, i had no one to teach me except the knowledge that my mother and then other dance teachers had. but when i met rudi, i finally met someone that inspired me and had an even greater passion for my folk dances and music. i recognize that this is hard work and that we as a group are priviledged for someone like rcs to be so generous with his material. but most of all his generousity in spirit and his friendship.

that being said, i think i'm going to try and be more patient and better to explain my vision, and i know that this year's show is going to be great.
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we're full for the next four years.

i don't usually post links to my site, but this is extremely funny -- boy do i wish i was there to see that!

Freemans tuesday night the 16th of nov. the bush twins along with 2 massive secret service men tried to have dinner they were told by the maitre 'd that they were full and would be for the next 4 years upon hearing the entire restaurant cheered and did a round of shots it was amazing!!! [Ed: We're hearing that this is actually true.]

view link
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where does it go?

okay, i'm in love with the apprentice. my question is, where does the taxi go after they get fired?
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silver drop, dolphin fin, bear rug.

so after threatening to paint for so long (i've been in my condo six years), i finally did it this past weekend. my brother volunteered to help me, and since he was a painter during his college days, i took him up on the offer. anyways after three full days of work, and my 650 square foot apartment still looking like a war zone, random things that i learned from my painting experience are:
  • the best thing i like about home improvement projects is the beer and the pizza (basically throwing my diet out the window). but in my case it was an entire party tray of sushi shared with my bro.
  • painting my loft with 16 foot ceilings is not an easy task
  • scaffolding is a great idea, but a bitch to put up and take down
  • rona offers great service and their employees are very helpful
  • buy the blue painters tape versus the green painters tape -- better quality
  • buy a whole bunch of foam rollers and foam brushes -- washing is not a good idea
  • a dark colour always requires primer even if the colour currently on the wall is a butter cream
  • trading spaces must have staff working behind the scenes -- a team of two with a designer and a part-time carpenter can't do all of that work in two days
  • when using a latex paint use an additive like floetrol to thin the paint and make it last longer (i.e. so it doesn't dry out)
  • silver drop, dolphin fin and bear rug are paint colours

anyways, i'm glad it is done...still a few touch ups to do and put everything back in it's place. will post some pictures soon.

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so i'm walking home yesterday from lunch minding my own business, when i noticed this guy walking in front of me. it was raining and not so warm, so i found it kind of weird to see a guy wearing shorts (or maybe i noticed him because he had nice legs :). anyways, i continue to walk behind him and some woman stops him asking him to fill out some survey. i swerved so that i too would not be acosted and i passed the guy, and saw a glimpse of his smile when he said 'no thank you' to the woman. anyways, i would recognize that smile anywhere! it was ben, or should i say scott speedman from one of my favourite shows (no longer on) ! star struck, let's say i changed my path home so that i could catch another glimpse of him. shorter than i thought (apparently they always are), he seemed like a mellow dude just walking down the street, listening to whatever was coming out of his head phones.

for all you who watched felicity: does everyone (including me) have a 'ben'? discuss.
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well, my birthday came and went. it's funny, for those of you who know me, i am generally psyched for my birthday, but this year, even though i had two (count em', two) parties well attended by my friends, the usual anticipation wasn't really there. as you know, i joke that it always is 'about me', and that it is especially 'about me' on my birthday -- i'm thinking that i've now mellowed out a bit. in a way i might have rather spent a quiet night with a few friends over dinner, or actually a vacation away on my own. i think these feelings go with the general introspective mood i've been in ever since i turned 30.

that all being said, i had a great time at both nights. thanks again to everyone who came out and also to everyone who sent their birthday wishes. i know i've said this before, but i think my next big blow out is going to be my wedding or my 40th...stay tuned.
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sweat * / suit.

if you're in the area, come by for a visit!
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halloween weekend.

well this year, i went all out and got into the halloween spirit. the past couple of years i haven't been really into it, and sort of did it half-assed, wearing not a very good costume. anyways, this year i made sure i got it all together ahead of time, and all i have to say, i know why people (str8) people love it so much -- a night to go crazy and go outside of your regular self. we all went down to vibe for $10, which was cheap, they had two rooms going, listened to some good beats etc. -- a good time had by all.
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