i can get married.

...officially, to my future boyfriend. today, canada becomes only the third country in the world behind belgium and the netherlands to officially allow same sex unions. it is a historic day.

when i heard about this, at first i was neither shocked not overwhelmed. i had to think about how i felt about it. i thought that maybe i won't fully comprehend the gravity of this day until i face the decision myself to enter in such a convenant with someone. thus, for the most part, today seemed to be another day.

growing up catholic and in a very conservative culture, i am lucky to be accepted whole heartedly by my friends, colleagues, and my immediate family. it hasn't always been like this however -- it has been a long evolution. most of the trauma that i experienced stemmed with forming my own identity of self and how that related to my sexuality. throughout my coming out process i maintained that i was always randy first and then gay second. being gay was just another part of me, but didn't define me. to me, to best way to fight homophobia and ignorance, the most effective means to educate and empower those that did not understand the why and how of being gay was in my one on one relationships with the people around me. i couldn't change the world all at once, but instead one person at a time. to let people see my humanity, that i was just like them, that i wanted the some of the same things, and some different things.

so this whole same sex marriage thing is a big deal . it says that i have the right to enter into a partnership that is recognized by my peers, my society and my country (though maybe not all of it right now). but most importantly it confirms what i have maintained all along, that love does not discriminate, that we do not choose who we love, but love finds us. it is a gift that makes us human, binds us and transcends us. maybe when i find that love, i will get married or maybe i won't, but today confirms that i can truly have that gift in a full way.

today is a big day indeed.
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stag weekend.

went up to kelowna friday night for mori's big stag weekend -- and lived to tell about it. everything is a bit hazy, as you can probably guess from the itinerary attached. the resort had it all, and it was right on the lake. one of the highlights of the weekend was being on a pimped out boat watching some of the guys go wake surfing.

Friday June 24th
3:30-4:00pm-Meet at Kits Beach parking lot.
Humiliation Crew starts (Floe, Quilty, Anderson)
4:00-4:30-Bus leaves to Kelowna; Munchies on Bus
6:30-7:00-Quick food Stop in Hope
9:00-9:30-Arrive at Manteo Waterfront Hotel
10:00-10:30- Leave for "Champagne Charlies"
12:00- Splashes Nightclub - "Humiliation Tasks"
2:00am- Bus Pick-up for return to Manteo

Saturday June 25th
10:00-11:00am- Continental Breakfast @ Manteo Villa
11:00am- Alcohol Run for Day
11:00-2:00pm- Beach Activities (Bocci, V-ball, etc.)
2:30-3:30pm- BBQ @ Manteo Villa
4:00-7:00pm- Water Activities (Boat, ski, wakeboard)
7:00-8:00pm- Entertainment (Location undetermined)
8:30-10:30pm- Dinner @ Earl's On-Top
10:30-12:00pm- Rose's Pub on water
2:00am- Bus Pick-up for return to Manteo

Sunday June 25th
10:00am- Breakfast either Villa or Restaurant
11:30am- Board bus for Return Trip to Vancouver
2:30-3:00pm- Lunch in Hope
5:30-6:00pm- Drop off at Kits Beach

kas wake surfing!
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i've realized that i've rarely put stuff that's personal on here. i do talk about my life, but i rarely talk about how i feel inside and things that i'm struggling with. i think what you generally read (and thanks for reading) is an edited version of myself, my best foot forward so to speak.

here i go...

dating is hard. putting yourself out there is hard. people wonder why i don't go on more dates, why i don't have a boyfriend, and i want to tell them that it's not without trying. i was on a third date tonight and things have been going well. he told me that i'm attractive, that i'm a nice guy, smart, etc., and then he follows all of that up with that while he enjoys hanging out with me, he doesn't like me in that way.

i've made a conscious effort to put myself out there, and this is what i seem to get for my initiative. i mean i know that i am learning more and more about the person that will be eventually right for me through these experiences, but sometimes going through stuff like this can be tough. so tough that in a way i've become immune.

this journey, while not unique, can certainly seem so solitary.
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random thoughts.

1. why do mosquitoes/flies seem to gather together in odd places...i.e. like right in front of the door to my building. i'm sure there is a scientific reason, but having to swat them as i try to walk through the door is odd.

2. i think this is the tsn turning point in tom's life. it's just seems odd to me. maybe it's because i've never been in love, but i don't think i would jump on top of oprah's couch.
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mr. camera - gary

mr. camera - gary
Originally uploaded by double R.
mr. photographer himself, gary, taking a picture of me, on the way home to san francisco :(
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Thai House.

Thai House.
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after lunch at the thai house, just before the likhettes left on sunday...
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still recovering.

ok, i thought i would get to day 2 and 3, but i think the bandwagon has left. plus i think everyone else has done such a great job of blogging about the show.

on saturday we had costume collection day, and we watched roland's footage of the show. it was amazing that we all fit on that small 'stage' at the dance centre -- wow. and all i have to say is that having a technical director like jun really helps. the colours and the mood that he was able to create was amazing. i could only imagine what it would be like to be in the audience. i am thinking that next time we have a show, i really don't want to perform, but instead just focus on directing. we'll have to see -- let's start recruiting those guys now!!!

i'm really happy that jota nuevo turned out. it was definitely the highlight for me, that we were all about to create something from scratch and make something beautiful.

sunday was the first sunday since november that we didn't have rehearsal. it was nice to have a day off, though i think i'm still recovering from last weekend.

what am i going to do with all this time now???
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day 1.

ok, at the risk of being called a slacker by gary, i better get this post up. probably better to do it sooner than later because i have a terrible memory, so i'll try and get all of my thoughts down.

so woke up pretty early and wasn't feeling too hot because the day before, it was our company's big five year anniversary party, so it was a fun but late night of partying. i cleaned up my place since lauren and rudi were going to stay with me, and then michelle and kathy picked me up, where we proceeded to go to the airport to pick up the rental vans to take all of the likhettes around town. of course since there was so much going on that week, we went to the wrong rental car place, and went into the bowels of richmond to pick up the two matching red caravans. better though because soon enough, all of likha was waiting for us to take them to richmond sushi, where we all got reacquainted. it was pretty loud at our tables, so i knew from that point on that it was going to be a fun, fun weekend. i love when we all get together.

from there, we all went back to kathy's place, where we dropped off all of likha's stuff, and then since lauren was tired, i took him home and like our normal ritual, rudi and i went to the fabric store to get some last minute things. it always great to see rudi's creative mind work, in how he can take a piece of fabric and invision it to be something great!

at around 7 o'clock, we all met back at the 501 for some food and drink, courtesy of josephine's. it is a sign of a great party when there is a buzz in the air due to conversation and laughter, and this was certainly the case of this night. the ice-breaker was fun, especially for the new peeps to get to know the old peeps and vice-versa. but certainly the highlight for me was hearing kp and likha rondalla rehearse in the TV room. seriously i get chills just thinking about it. it was amazing.

there was some drama that ensued (i'll block it out of my mind), but thank goodness we capped off the night with us tearing up the dance floor at celebrities. i'm becoming an old fart too, but i was able to boogie down a little bit. seriously, the 'dance-offs' or i think they call them 'battles' between kp and likha were priceless.

the clock striked 12:45 and rudi and i went home. i did a bit of last minute work for friday/saturday and proceeded to gossip as usual, and when i couldn't even open my eyes anymore, i fell fast asleep.
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ok, i promise my post is coming soon guys...i promise. too much to talk about, not sure what to write down.

it's funny, but i always seem to have all the non-filipino people guests...here's a picture after the show with my crew.

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head too full.

what a weekend, so much to post about, my head is full -- will have to update later.

thanks to you all who came out to watch the show and support me in general as i pursue this crazy passion of mine called folk dance. it made the night mean even so much more to me.

to all of the kpeeps -- thanks for your dedication, hardwork, patience, and commitment. thanks for making all the sundays worth it!

to all of you likhettes -- you're the best. thanks for being generous with your friendship.

check out some great photos, courtesy of gary.

day 1
day 2
day 3
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check out the podcast for KP's Pagsilang, courtesy of www.urbanvancouver.com.
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pagsilang dress rehearsal.

pictures from our final dress rehearsal for pagsilang, courtesy of roland tanglao

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i've been light on posting because it has been a crazy week -- workwise, kpwise and lifewise. things are going a million miles a minute, and will not slow down probably until after the show! if you still need tickets, let me know...:)

there is lots in my head and it'll make it's way here sometime soon.
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