things that are against gay single men over 30.

The following is a list of things against gay single men over 30.
  • Dockers
  • A Chevy Malibu parked in front of your driveway
  • Pleated pants
  • A grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough
  • Hair loss
  • Carbs in general
  • The cellphone holster.
I'm half joking about this stuff, but at the same time, I'm howling.
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ask randy: the skinny jean.

ok, so it's not rocket science, but from mischa to lindsay to pretty much every hollywood starlet, well, the stovepipe, skinny jean is du jour. but like all trends, they are not for everyone. it's all about proportion -- if you have longer legs, shorter torso, slim through the hips and thigh, well the skinny jean is the way to go. everyone else, need not apply

and attention all men, if you're 5 foot 2 and NOT built like julian casablancas from the strokes or insert the name of an indie rocker, well, my advice to you is to pass on the skinny jean.

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more on my previous post.

To address LG's comment regarding my "hot men project"...yes, they are all white guys (except for Gael, who's Mexcian). Anyways, I did try and think of including a) non-white guys; and b) gay guys. Not to get all serious about what should be a frivilous and fun list, but what does this say about me? Well, that I live in North America, and for the most part, there are few images of Asian men in the media. In addition, I'll put it out there and say that in general, Asian men in film and other media are portrayed are often desexualized. In my gay community, there is an entire sub-culture of Asians. I often feel I am regarded as as too banana (i.e. yellow on the outside, white on the inside) -- not yellow enough to be Asian, and not white enough to be white. Maybe it was that in my early days of coming out, I had to turn my back on my community because I was gay, and hence was drawn to people and things different than me. Maybe there are only white guys on the list because I've bought into the stereotype that white guys are hypermasculine, something that I secretly aspire too. Maybe the guys on the list are there because some of them portray or have a 'gay vague' persona. Maybe for the last 13 years I've directed a traditional folk dance company to bridge the gap between my ethnic and western identity?

Maybe I need another session with my therapist (j/k).

To set the record straight, I'm attracted to all types of guys. This is just a wish list, not my shopping list.

Ok, I'm done.
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the hot men project: may 2006

I thought it was a good time to resurrect this, and I know it's totally cheap content, but here is the "Hot Men Project" for May 2006. Some of the guys on the list are repeats, but hey, you can't have enough of a good thing.

patrick dempsey

I know that I've panned Grey's Anatomy in the past, but I think I have to take it all back. The season finale has finally made me hooked. And if I was Meredith, I know who I would choose.

hayden christensen

Besides the fact he's from Vancouver, I've loved this guy ever since I saw him in Life As A House, one of my favourite movies. Plus, he can act...:)

matthew fox

I've only started to watch Lost, and needless to say, I'm hooked. From his days as Charlie Salinger on Party of Five, he seems to be able to portray a vulnerableness in his characters that just does it for me.

gael bernal garcia

Loved Y tu ma tambien. Loved The Motorcycle Diaries. Loved Bad Education. I think he's the best actor of his generation.

paul walker

He's on this list...because our stays at the Pan in Whistler almost crossed paths this winter...because he's hot...because he almost makes me want to watch a movie like this.

wentworth miller

He first caught my eye (and everyone else's) in Mariah Carey's videos. I know that I don't need to watch another TV show, but he has seemed to a lot of my (gay) friends underpants in knots.

jake gyllenhaal

Of course I have to have my boyfriend on this list, no?
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random thoughts on crushes.

Further to my previous post, crushes are fun, however here are some random thoughts:
  • How does one get out of the friend zone?
  • Does he know I have a crush? How do you let him know?
  • When in pursuit, I think it's better to have your B-List outfit and A-Game on versus your A-List outfit and B-Game.
  • Maybe I should read this book. Does it apply to gay guys?
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recently reviewed: west

A long time in the making, last night I had the opportunity to go to West. Named one of the “ten of the best, worldwide” feature in the UK Sunday Independent, October 2005, it was on my list of Vancouver restaurants to visit. Another reason to visit was because I wanted to rub shoulders with Goldie and Kurt (apparently they are regular patrons), however they were not to be seen.

The room was tasteful, the service was understated and the food, well fantastic. When I go to restaurants like West, I pay attention to all the little details, and this is what this restaurant did well. Little things like the complimentary appetizers and after dinner chocolates, compliments of the chef. The bread sweeper, the fact that the server wiped some of the mint gazpacho served tableside with my lobster appetizer off my bowl -- these things count to me. It was upscale but not pretensious. Oh and it always helps that the staff were easy on the eyes too.

All in all, last night was probably one of best meals I've had this year in Vancouver. There's a long list of other restaurants that I would like to check out, but I'll definitely be back to West, especially if it is for a special ocassion.
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random wednesday thoughts.

  • I have to ask me an "Ask Randy" question: What does a first-time golfer wear golfing?
  • Love Steve Nash. Very Canadian, understated, humble -- and who else would elicit cheers from a mostly 'gay' crowd watching Game 6 of the Lakers series at a bar in the heart of Davie?
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random weekend thoughts.

Some random thoughts roaming around in my head lately:
  • Younger gay men tend to have more girlfriends (female) than older gay men. I'm Exhibit A.
  • I just bought the "Rent" DVD. It's a really fricken good musical.
  • I also just bought the "Brokeback Mountain" DVD. I don't know if it still resonates with me as much as it did before, but I still think it's better than the movie that won best picture.
  • A certain bank should think more about its retention strategy.
  • Having "a crush" is fun.
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eventful weekend.

Friday night I went with a couple of friends to "Fuse", a fusion of "art, music and performance". I always wished that I lived in a city like San Francisco or New York, with its plethora of galleries and museums, but I would have to say I'm guilty of taking in what this city has to offer. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by my visit, and especially by Brian Jungen's work. It was truly amazing, especially the "three enormous and incredibly lifelike whale skeleton sculptures-Shapeshifter (2000), Cetology (2002) and Vienna (2003). Made from common plastic lawn chairs, his "whales" oscillate between objects of natural history and critiques of commodity culture, simultaneously understood as both natural forms and recognizable household objects. Cetology, the largest of the three measuring 49 feet in length, is in the Gallery's permanent collection."

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Rod and Ali's wedding, which was held at St. Andrew's-Wesley Church on Burrard. I've passed by that Church many times, and it was nice to finally have a chance to go into it. The service was great (the officiant had a very calming voice and insightful words of advice), and it was only topped by the reception that followed at the Terminal City Club. The speeches are always what I look forward to at any wedding, and the speeches at this wedding were over the top. There were points at which I don't think I laughed harder in my life as well as some words that brought me to tears. It was a great party and I'm glad that I was a part of it.

Sunday brought KP another week closer to our Belgium tour. Things are coming along, but of course there's still a tonne of work to do. After rehearsal I went with the gang to the monthly T-dance. I tried to look this up the definition of a T-Dance on the web, however I could not find a definition. Anyways, it's basically a gay afternoon party where there is no tea served or even dancing. However there were a lot of nice (looking) men that all seem to come out as the days grow warmer and longer. It was a nice way to cap of a busy weekend.

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