ask randy: fashion tips 101

hello Randy

I have a interview with Telus tomorrow for a Desktop Analyst.

My wardrobe has nothing of the traditional business type of clothing, nor do I have a blazer.

I have 2 ben sherman shirts, one is fitted, the other is regular.
The fitted shirt is a burgundy colour while the other is a stripe shirt (stripes are different sizes) with grey, burgundy and black.
My shoes are fine, flat toed Aldo ankle boots, not heavy and a nice silver 'buckle' across the upper part of the shoe.

My other shirt is a dark blue shirt with hooks instead of buttons.

I do have a tie, blue with small gold unicorn heads on it. Its an OLD BOY tie from the school i went to..its not a school tie...its more of a classic tie.

Jackets: Black, straight cut leather jacket or Grey casual dress jacket with zipper down front and two breast pockets...

thats about it really..not much..then again i try to avoid employment where I have to wear business attire.


Ashley Paul James

Wow Ashley, that's a tough one. I know the type -- computer guy, as I also work in IT. However, it is important to "dress for success" and to make that good first impression, especially since you're applying for a corporate job. But the thing is with a techy type position, you don't want to dress too well, because maybe they won't believe you have the skills...:).

My first advice would be to come and see if you could borrow a sport coat from a friend. If you're not wearing a tie, a sport coat would convey the right message. However, on the short notice, with the options that you have given me, I would suggest:

- burgundy shirt (says serious and fun, but not as fun as the stripped shirt or the shirt with the hooks)
- your ankle boots
- the grey jacket, if it looks dressier than the black leather. If not, go for the leather.
- the tie sounds ok, but unfortunately, I don't think it goes with any of the shirts that you have. I'd skip the tie all together.
- you didn't mention what options you have. I hope you have dress pants (i.e. not Dockers, the death of American fashion) because what I suggest is black dress slacks.
- black belt
- black socks
- another alternative would be if you had a light knit (pullover), say in black or charcoal grey. This would make you look 'dressed-up', but still casual.

Anyways, hope this helps, and good luck!!!
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...was my place out of over 50 thousand runners in this past Sunday's Sun Run. I improved on my time from last year (49:44), but I wished that I pushed myself a bit more.

Race day is definitely fun -- it's all the running leading up to it that gets to me.
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Ok, I'll admit it. Whenever I see a person carrying a yoga mat, I want to take it and hit them over the head with it. Lululemon....geez, $98 for a pair of sweat pants? My mother would laugh at anyone who would buy a pair.

I guess I need to hit myself over the head. I'm a convert. Since I'm not dancing right now, I wanted to do another activity that would help my flexibility. Lifting weights and running wasn't helping the cause. A few weeks ago I started taking yoga classes. Besides the variety, the real benefit has been the feeling afterwards, which is a sense of relaxation and calm. Even though I know that I probably look ridiculous in some of the poses, I look forward to each practice.

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Last Thursday, I went with a friend to checkout the new "Salt Tasting Room". It's a cool little spot, in Gastown's historic Blood Alley. The room is sparse and minimal in it's design, and very simple in it's menu concept. Guests can assemble a tasting plate from its selection of 10 cheeses, 10 meats, and 10 condiments. Because I hate making such complicated decisions, especially when I'm dining out, I had the server select for us. He helped to select a bottle of wine, and some other appetizers from the menu, which is limited because there is no kitchen.

Overall it was ok -- service was a bit slow, and we were super hungry, which didn't help the situation. We're pretty lucky in Vancouver, with the number of great places to eat. I'd definitely check this place out again, if only for the cool factor. Definitely a good date place, as an alternative to the regular "coffee", but only after I've had something to eat.


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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada