dawn of the dead.

way better than i thought it was going to be (actually didn't see the original, so i didn't really know what to expect). extremely disturbing, but thoroughly entertaining.

i'll never look at a chainsaw the same way again.
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glacier crew.

[vancouver, at home]
can't believe the season is basically over...here are some more pics from my whistler trip in february...the glacier pics are still awe-inspiring.

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yah it's friday!

[vancouver, at work]
just the title, that's all.
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finding gold.

[vancouver, on the way to work]
there's nothing like reaching into the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn in a while and finding a $10 bill.
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sasha noodle.

a picture of sasha (right) and annie, playing!

i've wanted a dog for a really long time, and i've been lucky to take of sasha when noel and lindsay have been away. sasha is the smartest, most mellow dog that i know -- if i knew for certain that if i got a dog that he/she would turn out exactly like her, then i would get one tommorow.

until then, they can always leave her with me :).
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cherry blossoms.

on the way to the gym yesterday, i looked up and noticed all the cherry blossom trees in full bloom at the burrard skytrain station. i didn't snap this myself, however, reason #999999 to get a digital camera (soon).

here is a link to cherry blossom viewing in vancouver.

vancouver in spring is so beautiful.

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we're different.

not wanting to reveal to much, i've come to the conclusion that even though hetrosexuals and homosexuals start off wanting the same thing (i.e. love, a good relationship and ultimately happiness), there are certainly differences in how we both get there. i realize this when i try to explain the ups and downs of my new found dating life to my straight friends -- there is empathy, but for them to be able to relate completely is i think a long way off, if ever.

it is great to have "girl" talk (you know what i mean), someone you can bounce stuff off without prejudice. i realized this after i talked to sheldon this morning, who is one of my closest confidants, but unfortunately, so far away.

i miss him.
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the singhsons

this is funny....check it out.
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happy st. patrick's day.

...luck of 'o the irish to you all. drink a green beer or two.
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watch this.

for all of my friends in san francisco, fides (a fellow dancer and friend) has a show coming up on the 27th and 28th of this month. click on the this link for more info + tickets. btw, that's her in the poster.
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phone vs. im

during dinner last night, i called oliver mr. telus because he got like 50 million phone calls on his cell phone. i checked mine, and i didn't even get at least one.

i remember in my youth (say five years ago), i would always been on the phone, checkin my voice mail, calling to see what's up, and vice versa -- very good at keeping tabs and keeping up. but i realized nowadays that instead of the phone (which is used more for organizing the logistics of things) i keep in touch with my friends mostly through instant messenger, or catching up by reading their blogs. oliver agreed.

in the old, old days, you would have to knock on your neighbour's door to have a chat and shoot the breeze. i'm sure everyone remembers the feeling of getting some snail mail, say a birthday card from your best friend that moved away, alot different from an e-card from your old college pal in your in-box.

does all this cyber communication allow us to have better, more intimate friendships or actually the reverse, make us more "out of touch"?
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the hot men project.

yes it's cheap content. yes it's gratuitous. but it's my blog, and i'll blog what i want to.

so, here you go -- the first edition of the hot men project.
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how about him (them)?

as everyone knows, as of friday, martha stewart "was found guilty of lying to investigators over a suspicious sale of shares in drug company ImClone. " martha, why didn't you testitfy!?

i wonder if this guy will be found guilty as well.

i'm sure however, there will be less people carry placcards that say "ebbers is innocent" than those wearing a "free martha" t-shirt (defnitely more chic).

free martha! free martha!
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ramblings of a math major.

introducing the ramblings of a math major, mr. rondalla himself, ed.

i look forward to his posts.
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modern classic II

nothing beats getting a new haircut. makes me feel good even though it's raining outside and super cold.

random thought: i think the hairdresser is the new therapist. these days, i'm finding that i tell her things that i don't even share with some of my friends and family. maybe it is because they are more objective and less invested, i do look forward to the time i spend in my stylist's chair.
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star sightings.

saw star #1 and star #2 (i'm almost positive) in my elevator yesterday, on their way off to what it looked like to be an oscar party, by the way they were dressed. both looked gorgeous in person.

too bad i didn't see superman.
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