probably not
on my way back from pacific centre with lou to get her popcorn, we saw an extremely h.o.t. guy having coffee at starbucks.

why do i think all extremely good looking guys are mocking me?
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last night, my friend sara took me out for a birthday dinner at 'guu', a restaurant in the west end that specializes in japanese tapas. i met sara in first year at ubc, and throughout my university life, she was basically 'my partner in crime'. we've drifted apart as of late, but one thing that i've realized is that with friendships that span over many years, the intensity of friendships will naturally have peaks and valleys. but if there are core values and attitudes shared, that is what will make them go the distance.

we had a great dinner with great conversation, sharing stories as if no time had passed. it's nice to know that things come full circle.
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they love product.
i have been going to my hairdresser, ross, for almost seven years.

why do all hairdressers love hairspray? my hands have been sticky all day.
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something you can count on
generally, i've been someone who is quite indecisive. i guess it can also be argued that prudency guides my actions rather than impulsiveness. however, with my new resolve to act more rather than ruminate itself leaves me on the fence sometimes. it is during those times that i need to remember what my friend antonio's father says to him, which is "the only thing certain in life, is, death".

act now.
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to buy or not to buy?
well, for those of you that have been keeping up with my blog (i don't suspect many), i am trying to decide whether or not i should actually bite the bullet and buy snowboarding gear, even though i'm still waiting for my first lesson. anyways, those have gone before say that maybe i should rent first before going out and blowing some cash on gear. i don't mind spending the cash -- it is more me wondering whether i will be any good at it.

the answer? shawn said it best when he said that it's like toboganing -- even if you're not good, it's fun. i'm really excited about the season and luckily thanks to kevin and others, i'll be borrowing some gear.
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happy birthday bill
...well, saturday night was bill's birthday. we ended up going to the alibi room for dinner and drinks, then proceeded to the brickhouse for more drinks and dancing. all in all, it was a good time, and as usual the group from ubc/ams closed the place down. that was nice to see that nothing has changed, and after all these years, we're still together.

bill seemed relaxed and looked like he had a great time -- this was nice to see since i know he's been working so hard this year. it's weird, we've been friends for over 17 years -- and have seen all the highs and lows of friendship. i'm glad that we're still on the same path.
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[ vancouver ]
the death of the family doctor
last week's feature article in the georgia straight featured the above topic. maybe it is because when i lived in the west end and tried to find a new family doctor, every single one said they were not taking any 'new patients'. go figure.
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random thoughts on the way in
1. Does BMW stand for Bavarian Motor Works?
2. Why do people slow down when there an accident on the side of the road (and i'm talking about the road going the other way)?
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maybe i should have coffee first
left the house and in my car at 7:35 am. it was raining cats and dogs. arrived at work at 9:15 am.
do people lose their brains while driving when it rains?
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supper club
when i was in san francisco last, i asked my friend george how he tends to meet other 'contemporaries'. he said one of the best ways was by having regular dinner parties. in my desire to help expand my gay circle of friends, trevor, jason and i have decided to start 'the supper club'. last night was the first inagural dinner -- ryan brought a couple of his friends, and after an evening of food, drink and conversation, i believe that this could be the start of a new tradition. and yes ryan, we're expecting a roast at the next one, at your house!
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with my new attitude of acting more instead of thinking about acting more, i've decided that i'm going to try my hand at 'riding' (as those in the know call it). i've wanted to do this for a while, and considering my location and the number of my friends that have taken up the sport, there is no excuse for me not to. i'm excited.
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...usually hate stuff like this, but this is funny. via kevin.
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let me meet that person
as i was parking my car today, i noticed that the car beside me had a bumper sticker that said "My Other Car Is A Broom". i personally don't know anyone who has a bumper sticker affixed to their car. i'd like to meet someone who does...
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remembrance day
i was on my way to work yesterday, and as i got the intersection of abbott and pender to turn left, i got annoyed because apparently the street had been blocked off. knowing that tent city was around there, i thought it was due to some sort of demonstration. however, the public gathering that i was expecting was of course, due to remembrance day.

a new framework for my day's thoughts was a result. i'm glad i was inconvenienced.
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baby time.
this afternoon, i went to the baptism of my long time friend, marties' (and husband jeric's) daughter -- jaida. at the reception, i sat with my friend mark and georgina, and mark's son julian, veejay and his wife michelle, who is also newly pregnant, and melanie and nick, who are expecting their first in february. crazy stuff -- considering i still feel like a baby in many ways -- but i guess we're not kids anymore :).
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en francais.
...my site in french...thanks gary.
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...maybe the first step is to act more rather than think about doing something. wanted to do this last year, but came up with a range of excuses as to why not. lou and i are going to sign up for a the running room's half marathon clinic. starts january 9th...excited because it's also in the westend. :)
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are they really different?
now i'm finally in my thirties versus my twenties -- are they really going to be different? besides the change in metabolism and maybe energy level, sometimes i feel like i am still twenty in my mind -- so much wanting to be accomplished, and feeling like i'm out of time. my friends are work say that major difference is that now i make things happen instead of leaving things to fate.

i guess the next ten years will tell the story.
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...yes, i actually spent money on it. does anyone have a problem with that? :) ..ha ha!
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were they hungover too?
hungover and hungry this morning (or should i say at noon), i went to the tried and true solution -- mcdonalds on main and terminal. anyways, it was so busy -- and as i waited for my #5 meal, in line, waiting patiently were prevail and mokka from swollen members. they seemed low key and mellow -- very cool
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lucky guy
...that's me. ever have one of those nights that you don't want to end, and replay the events in your mind over and over? well, i had such a great time at my party. it was so good to see everyone there -- i am truly blessed.
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