save the date.

more details to follow, but save the date -- june 11 -- and if you don't see me, you can get your tickets from ticketmaster.
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recently reviewed.

a couple of nights ago, i went out and checked out umami, a little spot on davie that i didn't know even existed. i'm not a serious foodie, i just know what i don't like. i've been to tapastree and bin941, so certainly a place like umami could be accused of just following the big wave in vancouver right of these 'small plates' or 'tapas' places. however, we were pleasantly surprised -- their "spring roll cylinders of solid albacore" ($10) was voted by vancouver magazine as the top appetizer of 2004. i haven't tasted alot of vancouver's appetizers, but these were pretty damm good.

also, went and saw the pickled theatre company's production of "six degrees of separation". this is one of my favourite plays (actually i saw the movie first, and then read the play, so i don't know if that counts). anyways, overall there were some good performances (the parents), but i would have liked the actor who played 'paul' (wil smith's character in the movie) to have been stronger. all in all, it was good to see live theatre, certainly better than watching "stars without make-up" on fox or a re-run of JAG.
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whizzing by.

i can't believe that it's already february 21, that's all.
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lauryn's 2.

a bit late in posting, but here are pictures from lauryn and her friends at her birthday party. it's really quite amazing that kids that age already have well formed personalities.
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happy valentine's day.

see last year's post...:)
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i'm in fashion now.

i was lucky enough to get one of these -- the powers that be at work did something pretty cool and gave everyone in the office one. i had a walkman, but never used it, always wanted to get a discman for working out but i thought they were too clunky. given its size and the lanyard, i think this will come in handy during my long runs and my new walk commute to work.

plus i'll finally be like all the cool people with the white headphones in their ears.

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scenes from london.

here are a few shots from my trip -- wish i took more, but i was indoors most days, so i only had one real day to take pictures.

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google maps.

check this out -- the maps are very accurate -- and as derek says, the shadow is neat. good bye mybc.com, which gives wrong directions anyway.

google is truly doing cool things.
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best out of the contenders so far.

ok, i haven't seen many of them (actually only this one), but this movie is certainly my favourite of 2004 so far. clint eastwood returns to the screen, and at 74 years old, reminds us why he is a master of his craft -- both in front of and behind the camera. a boxing cinderella story turns melancholy in a tone reminiscent to his film from last year, mystic river.

definitely a must see.
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i didn't do one last year, but i've decided to train again for this. nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you finish that race, at least for me -- almost similar to the natural high that i feel after a really good performance. it's certainly a big commitment, and it will be worth it, but sometimes when you're doing the training, it doesn't feel like it (especially when it's raining out). but i guess that's why the two disciplines are similar. it's all about the work that you put into it, the process and the time it takes to prepare yourself so that you can truly experience that feeling that only comes once in a while.

today was a beautiful day to be out there running along the seawall.

oh and on my way, i saw 'ben' again, walking around, with headphones on. does anyone know why he's in vancouver?
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straw poll.

upon discussion with a few friends, i'm putting it out there that in general, 'valet' guys are hot. why is that?

what do you think? discuss.
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29 steps.

this is a little late in coming, but i got this idea from derek, who has done this before. below is a link showing the walk that i would take to work from my hotel to where i was working when i was in london -- you can see how scenic it was. please excuse the pictures -- they are a bit blurry since as per my previous posts, it was hard not to get in the way of all those londoners off to wherever they were going!

29 steps.
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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada