what i'm listening to.

back in vancouver. thought i would post what i'm listening to right now...

"spoiled", joss stone
"ordinary people", john legend
"somewhere only we know", keane
"lonely no more", rob thomas
"shadow", ashlee simpson (don't ask me why, but i love this song)

what are you listening to?
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bigger in texas.

Bigger In Texas.
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[houston, texas]
big business, big deserts, big cars, big guns, big buildings, big everything.

texas size, there really is such a thing.
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[houston, texas]
i've been noticing this, but it seems all the guys here have a hardcore ring -- not sure if it is a class ring, or a college ring, or football ring -- it's just bling.

i'm in america.
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nobody walks.

[houston, texas]
vancouver is certainly a nice city. i forget that most places aren't like vancity. i always think that most cities have a robson street, with tons of street traffic, people out and about, in shops or lounging on patios. last night, after a pretty good day at the customer site we made our way to the galleria for a bit of shopping, and then ended up at a cheesecake factory. we were only supposed to be there for a few drinks and appies, but ended up staying there for longer and had a great time decompressing.

we asked our server if there were places in houston like robson street. apparently not -- the patio is apparently not a big deal here in houston (it gets too hot and humid). we asked if there are places where people are walking out and about and she said "people don't walk here"...:).

she told us to check out rice village (where rice university is), as it certainly might be one of the places where we can find some foot traffic. i'll report on the later.
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ghost town.

[houston, texas]
so i've safely arrived in houston. i've known this before, but a note for next time that sitting by the washrooms is definitely not the best place to be -- i swear the whole plane had went to the washroom at least twice during the flight. also, make sure you lock the door behind you...:)

we're staying here, right in the heart of downtown. unlike vancouver, the downtown is like a ghost town -- most of the shops were closed, not very many people walking around, something that i'm not used to. in fact, finding a place to have dinner was an adventure too.

i'll have to do a bit more research, to explore the other bits of houston during the week.

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buying jeans off the rack is not an option for me, because most jean makers don't make a 26 inseam :). but what's worse is getting them taken up and the tailor making them too short (sigh).

i'm near the end of my training for the 1/2 marathon, which is only a few weeks away. even though i've done it before, i'm kinda of nervous...while i have been training hard, i don't think i've been as intense as i was a couple of years ago. we'll see if i can beat my time.

off to houston tommorow for business...first time i've been to texas. let's see if they really do make 'em bigger.
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sheldon's visit.

sheldon, my old roomate and one of my best friends came into town this weekend. he usually comes for his birthday and for his mom's birthday, and even though he only comes for a very short time, it is always a good time. so i took monday off and hung out with him, his new beau, his mother and his brother (sister) troy. we did a lot of eating, laughing, shopping -- in general, good times had by all. it's funny because since i generally hang out with a lot of 'straight' people, i feel like everytime i hang with sheldon i get 're-gayified' if there's such a thing.

here's a few pictures from the weekend

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craving your first cup, pouring one and taking a sip only to find out (taste) that it was from yesterday is not a good way to start the day.

yah, it's friday!
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another name for it.

i can't help myself -- i think a better name for iSight is iPorno (laughing out loud).

p.s. i don't have one myself.
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happy birthday.

on saturday night, we went out for my brother's 27th birthday, to our favourite restaurant to go to as a family, and that's tropika. Featuring malaysian fare, i think it is a probably the best kept secret in asian cuisine, because besides japanese (and of course filipino), it's my favourite. come check it out sometime and have the 'crab' and the 'beans' -- i don't know the proper terms for the dishes.

generally we go out as a 'family' on our birthdays, and this was the first time that my dad had brought linda, his girlfriend to the event. i thought that it would be awkward, but even though she is very shy, she's a very sweet lady and definitely seems to make my dad smile, which is the most important thing.

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recently reviewed: lily kate.

so i checked out this new eatery on hamilton in yaletown, and i'll have to admit, it's because i was drawn to its good looks (hues of apple green, white and chocolate) and the fact that it's half sitdown restaurant, half take out place. the high tables along with accompanying chairs reminded me of many of the places i visted in london where 'take away' is king. the food was very good (though i ordered the wrong thing i think, which is usually what happens when i don't know what to order or what i feel like). they don't have wireless, but the take out menu and tables made it an ideal place to do some 'work' on a saturday afternoon.

no online information yet as it is only a month old, but if you want to check it out, it's right beside coast in yaletown.
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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada