8 / 7 Central

I'm back in Chicago, back in the dead of winter. There's snow on the ground and it's quite cold, yet the city is still functional, not as crazy as they make it out to be in the news. I guess we missed the big snow storm causing havoc on Saturday.

I meant to blog about this last time, but it's weird to actually be in a time zone where '7 Central' applies. For example tonight's American Idol episode was on at 7.

It's been a busy week, but hopefully we'll have a chance to make it into the city, the Millionaire mile, and maybe catch a glimpse of Oprah. Chicago loves Oprah. She always seems to be on, even at night!
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tiny bubbles.

Oh "Tiny Bubbles", you were so full of life. Your generous spirit, your youthful spirit and your unconditional heart were unmatched. Even though you were far away, I know that you kept you kept me and all of your friends close to your heart. You always made me laugh, and pushed me to become the person that I was sometimes not courageous enough to be, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Sam passed away on Sunday, at the tender age of 37, from complications due to kidney failure.

You will be missed, deeply.
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happy valentine's day!

....or S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day).

Actually, I'm not that bitter. I read this post from three years ago, and while my situation hasn't changed, I've grown a lot.

I'm hopeful and I'm ready.
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ask randy: make-up tips?

I do have an "ask Randy" query. I'm in the market for some new eye
makeup. I'm sick of wearing neutral shades, but I'm not sure if I can
wear coloured eye shadow and not look trashy. If you remember, I have
hazel green eyes, brown hair (natural), with light brown/blonde
highlights (not natural!). My skin is fair. Advice??

"Drowning in a sea of Neutral"

My first makeup question! Since makeup for my shows is something I only know a little bit about, I had to ask my good friend Melanie, our resident make-up extraordinare for some tips!

"She should emphasize only 1 aspect of her face. There are only 2 features one can play up - and it's in the eyes or lips. If she wants to play up her eyes, everything else should be muted, but not matte. Because she had hazel green eyes, I would recommend a shade like an eggplant (or colors within that family) or something in the green family. I'm not talking a saturated shadow that goes on thick and stays that way, but something light enough that would allow a few applications to achieve the perfect darkness. She could wear this on her lid (up to the crease), for day, then on the crease adding a bit more to deepen the color for night.



If on some days she didn't feel like wearing the eye shadow, another option could be a tinted eyeliner, in a deep eggplant, with simple eye shadow. Pairing with very black mascara is always the best choice. You can get them with a bit of illuminizer so it reflect some light and brings attention to her eyes.

A tip to make eyes pop is to add a bit of a highlight color on the inner tear duct of each eye. I use the same color for my brow bone and tear duct.

Hope this helps. I could go on and on and on......."

...and hope you don't drown in a sea of neutral!!!
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