nothing to say?
i've logged on, and have nothing to say...hmmm...trying to impart insight, but...nothing.
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the meaning of christmas
i'm back at work today, after the whole christmas hoopla. i've decided that christmas is definitely for family, but not so much your extended family, but if you have a family of your own -- or at least, a special someone. At least that what it seems like to me -- at most, an excuse to sing my favourite christmas carols.
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bye bye job
today i found out that my job at the bank is coming to an end. 6 plus years -- reality has sunk in, and i'm in tears with my reality.
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no gifts yet
december 20, and i have bought no gifts yet, sent out no cards, hardly wished anyone a merry christmas. crazy. i am trying not to be so self absorbed, but there is just too much on my mind. maybe i'll look for some gifts on my break.
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is christmas dead?
where is my christmas spirit? i used to be so good at sending christmas cards, gifts, etc...but now, the meaning has been lost. hmm, how do i get it back?
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another one.
"with true friendship, there is no beginning and no end -- it is as if it was always as it should be"
..so true, so true.
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it finally hit me!
"we do not choose who we like, or who we love -- life chooses that for us"
I can not believe how that makes so much sense for me right now. because of this reality is what makes us truly feel both highs and lows.
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i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. in denial, and now reality has finally sunk in. i guess this is the thing that we call life.
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tidal wave.
i was in denial, but one of my best friends is leaving town...though i'm secure in the fact that we will always keep in touch and be friends, i know it will never be exactly the same. i wish i could see how things will unravel and present themselves.
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okay why is this...when i don't use chapstick, my lips are fine. however, when i use chapstick, have to keep reapplying. i don't know.
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does this happen to everyone?
so i get around to buying a scanner finally -- all excited, i set it up, wanting to scan away, and of course, it doesn't work (and this is not due my installation technique). what is up with that? if you buy something, shouldn't it work especially if it is new? what's the deal with that?
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why in the winter?
why in the winter i start to think about relationships more -- in the summer, it doesn't seem to matter -- the feeling of being carefree and whimsical when the days are long -- who cares right? i guess its natural to feel this way -- its colder, its snuggle time, time to stay in and lounge around. i know that i shouldn't worry because it is not something that i can control, but i do worry. someone said to me that if i devoted as much time as i do to other things in my life, like 'html' that i'd be in a relationship like that. but would it be one that i would want to be in? that's the question.
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coffee, cereal, keyboard?
...what did people do before e-mail and the computer? i get up to go to work this morning, get ready, have a bowl of cereal, check 'My Yahoo'. interesting...
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first attempt.
well, my first log to my on-line web log (i guess that rhymes)...after reading many web blogs out there, and my desire to write a diary, i've decided that this potentially is a great idea. i hope that i'll be able to create a trail of memories for my thoughts, and create some interesting reading for all of you out there who take the time to read this!
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