ask randy: a classic suit

Hey, hey! I wanted make it on your blog, so I'm asking a question:

I think it's time for my husband to get a new suit. He NEVER wears suits
and the last one he bought is some nasty shade of forest green that he
bought in the early 90's. I refuse to be seen with him in that suit so any
occasion that requires a suit, he wears a shirt, tie and trousers. He has a
couple of nice dress shirts and a couple of nice pairs of wool trousers (a
dark grey pair and a dark brown pair with very light cream pinstripes). I
would like him to get a nice, classic suit that he can wear to weddings,
formal parties, etc. and will stand the test of time. Can you recommend
styles, colours, etc.? Also, what is the style for ties right now?


That's a very good question, what to look for in a suit, especially if you're husband very rarely wears a suit. I think if chosen correctly you can certainly find something that will last several seasons. I myself have a suit that is almost six seasons old, and while the silhouette trend has slightly changed (jackets are shorter, shoulders are more natural), I continue to get compliments on it whenever I wear it.

Generally, if you're looking for something that will stand the test of time and be versatile enough to be worn for different ocassions, look for the following:
- for fabric, choose charcoal grey or black with a tonal pinstripe. Or go for a classic navy with a similar tonal chalk pinstripe
- lightweight wool, preferably with a high twist (i.e. not a gabardine) so that it can be an all season suit. And of course, 100% wool...
- lapel: notch lapel vs. peak
- a two button jacket vs. a three button (never four)
- a double vented jacket
- pants: flat front or one pleat -- this creates a streamlined effect. Finish the pants with a plain bottom versus a cuff.

As for ties, you can never go wrong with a classic striped rep tie.

Good luck and let me know what you come up with!

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