if any of you out there are in campbell river by chance this long weekend, or have any friends or relatives there, come check out our performance.

here is more information on our show.

performing on stage in front of your home audience is always fun, but performing out of town is always a 'trip' -- the audiences are always appreciative. i hope we get the same reception that we did when we performed at the tidemark five years ago...
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happy first birthday emily!

a picture after the crazy night of partying...

click on the picture to see more.

saturday was my goddaughter, emily's first birthday. picture almost 40 kids, all running around, while all of her parents and friends looked on. it was a perfect day for it, sunny, but not too warm. veejay and michelle set up the party so it was both in the front and back yard, just like an old fashioned block party. so much food, even some drink (and not just punch), a great way to spend the day with family and friends.

from the pictures, i think emily was a little overwhelmed. needless to say, i'm sure she had a great time!

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(S)FTP access fixed.

no, i haven't been too busy to post -- actually, there has been a lot of things happening...it's just that i had some technical difficulties for a while.

i'm back.

stay tuned for hopefully some interesting and varied posts!
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pet peeves.

okay, a few things that i've found recently quite irritating.

1. reading a newspaper and getting the ink on your fingertips. i mean, hasn't someone by now invented ink so that this does not happen.

2. reading a magazine and having those subscription cards fall out. i mean, does anyone even actually fill those out and take advantage of those offers?

ok, i'm done.
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i love it.

...that everyone is on this bloggin' kick. welcome angelo -- keep it up man!

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introducing "melanie's moments".

welcome mel to the world of blogging! happy posting, i look forward to the reads.
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back home.

it's been almost three weeks i've been away, i'm glad to be back home. there is nothing like sleeping in your bed, and re-acquainting yourself with your own space.

i've learned alot while i was away, and i hope to put the little nuggets of insight that made their way to me to good use.

as soon as i got home, i went straight to a peformance that we had for philippine national day celebrations at the plaza of nations. i was very proud of the group for pulling it together, especially while i was away. it was nice.

there is a lot of work to do in the next few weeks to get ready for our mini-tour. here is a copy of the poster here.
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scenes from toronto.

a few shots from my trip...i keep on forgetting to take more, even though i have this nifty new camera!

went out for drinks with bill and sheldon -- i think this is a great shot. most 'cool' places in toronto seem to be in old houses with the bathroom in the basement. this was taken from the patio outside.

this is a picture of steven mccarthy, bill's cousin. he is an accomplished actor (even though he's in this film) -- mark my words, this picture is going to be worth something someday because he's going to be famous!

trying out some of the filters on this new digital. a great picture of aim.

picture of city hall. i think bill is right -- it does look like a urinal!

the obligatory picture of the chum city building, home of much music

from the side of a building in the gay ghetto. this is not your father's beer.
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random thoughts about torontonians.

a few other things about torontonians, and their loves...

1) they love tim horton's, and i mean love. so much so that a lot of them have drive throughs and huge line ups. also, if someone asks you to get them a double double, it's not a move on the basketball court.

2) they love pizza pizza. unlike vancouver, which is all about the 93 cent pizza joint on every corner downtown, over there they love this place. orange is king.

3) they love shoppers. there is no such thing as london drugs here. like the two stores above, they are on every corner it seems. however nobody can beat london drugs, not even shoppers for me. where other place on earth you can go in for shampoo and come out with some flat panel speakers for your computer (me!!!).

4) starbucks is not king -- there is a second cup on every corner. the question that i ask is -- who wanted the "first" cup?
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flashing greens.

three things i've learned thus far from torontonians:

1) it's all about something being along the highway. asking directions to a place usually involves getting answer about an exit number and whether you should turn left or right after the exit.

2) they love their air conditioning -- so much so that it feels like a fan. you'll be sure to feel the extremes of hot and cold in one environment.

3) getting a flashing green light when you're in a left turning lane at an intersection truly means you can gun it and turn left!
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toronto weekend 1 - recap.

so, what's been going on -- well, i would have to say alot over here. i'm still adjusting to this working yet thinking i'm on vacation schedule, and as a result, i've gotten a pretty bad cough and cold. anyways, here's my update:

thursday night
aimee picked me up, and then we travelled to downtown oakville where we had a really nice dinner at the rude native...the food was pretty good, but don't order this seafood thing that looks like a candelabra (just ask aim).

during our lunch hour, liezel and i headed to the lakeshore...it was gorgeous, though lake ontario will not make me forget the pacific ocean!

went out for dinner with aimee again, this time in missisauga, and then went to the local multiplex (it was huge!) where we looked to laugh at witty dialogue (a la the O.C.) but were mildly disappointed. maybe it is because it's been a long time since we've been there.

work up with a sore throat (uh oh), then headed out with aimee downtown to do a bit of shopping and to meet sheldon at work. it was a gorgeous day, and i would have to say that there were gorgeous people out and about. even though bloor (street) is spelled like floor it doesn't sound like it (pronounced BLURE), we checked out all the shops. sheldon was off a bit early, so we were able to hangout before dinner like old times. met his friends at linda's, this very cool thai restaurant (it's all about thai here). a few beverages later, we all headed to fashion cares, held at the metro toronto convention centre. it was crazy, tonnes of fashionistas, and the not so fashionable, all ready to watch the show hosted by linda evangelista and featuring the headliner, patti labelle! my pictures turned out pretty dark, so here are some other pictures from the day.

...was as it should be. had a lazy day, it was beautiful outside, and found my way to a patio in the gay ghetto. it was nice to relax. wandered around down town until i had to pick up bill from the airport.

a busy weekend it was -- so action packed that i think it's what made my sore throat turn into this awful cold!
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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada