weekend update.

On Friday night, I went out for dinner with Ed and Nat to Cafe Il Nido, one of the restaurants participating in Dine Out Vancouver. Anyways, it was only ok -- a simple word to all the restaurants that are participating -- put your best foot forward, because of word of mouth is the best advertising. Anyways the best part of a promotion like Dine Out Vancouver is that you can find out restaurants to never visit again...

Saturday we had our first performance of the year for the Chinese New Year Festival at International Village -- overall it was a good performance in front a pretty large and appreciative crowd. Fittingly, afterwards we had lunch at Hon's on Robson. It was nice to hang out with my god daughters...I can't believe how fast they are growing up!

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Ok, enough of Brokeback Mountain. I was lucky enough to be given tickets to see Coldplay in concert. It's been a super long time since I've been to a concert (I think the last one I saw was Sarah at the QET). Anyways, the acoustics weren't that great, but the visuals were amazing, and overall Chris and the band put on a great show. Having the chance to hear them perform my favourite Coldplay song, "The Scientist" live was good enough for me.

It was nice to see a concert again (i.e. not folk) -- will have to do this more often.
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Ok, now I'm a super geek. I don't really enjoy country music, but now I'm listening to the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack.
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election day.

1. Get out and vote today! Find out where to vote here

2. Dancing with the stars reminds us of what most of us already know -- it is a great workout. I sure feel it after our two hour studio workshop, using muscles that I haven't used in a long time.

3. Check out the latest shows for Fall 2006. I'm really digging the stuff put out by Christopher Bailey at Burberry Prosum. Also loving all the scarf detail at Dolce and Gabanna.

4. Note to all doctors, dentists and receptionists that work in offices with 'associates' -- When I am making an appointment to see my doctor or my dentist, I DO NOT want to see your colleague or associate. I want to see my doctor or dentist that I have previously established a relationship with.
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random thoughts.

It's like watching a train wreck, you have to look, a truly bad idea, but makes for some funny television -- skating with celebrities.

Random thought -- why do all men's dress shoes look like crap in comparision to their woman's equivalent, especially in the same price point?

The reason why i'm not voting Conservative:

Mr. Harper, the Conservative leader now leading in the polls, has promised that if his party forms the government, he will bring the same-sex marriage debate before the House of Commons for a free vote among MPs. He has also vowed that not to try to get around any future court decisions by using the constitutional notwithstanding clause.

Even if it is just a political ploy to get elected (since most legal experts believe it is a bad idea), I just can't. Read the full article here
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back in the studio.

Sunday was the first rehearsal of our new season. I can not believe this is our thirteenth year doing this thing. It was nice to see the old faces, and new faces too, sixteen in total, and almost an even split between guys and girls. I see some potential in the people that showed up, and hopefully they will stick around and we will get a chance to audition them to join the company.

On another note, I've decided that I'm officially a geek and have no life because when watching the Golden Globes, I cried when they awarded Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture to Brokeback Mountain.
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three feet under.

Friday night, on a whim, a bunch of us went up to Whistler . We're lucky, because Ed has a hookup at the Pan. It's an amazing hotel, the room was gorgeous, and it sure beats having to wake up early and making the two hour commute from vancouver before you get your first run in. Anyways, fully intending to get up super early and making 'first tracks', after a few libations, we settled in pretty late.

Saturday morning -- let's just say it was crazy -- snow, more snow, people, more people, and more snow! It's funny because I am generally used to the groomed run, and I've never been in so much powder before. So much so that I found it difficult if I wasn't on a steep slope, I would get stuck and have to dig myself out from under three feet of snow! Anyways, apparently Whistler is on track for breaking snowfall records for January already, which is good business for the resort and good news for all of us who love the mountains so much.

A hot tub and an apres ski later, we headed back into Vancouver where we had a late dinner at Guu with our friend from Toronto. I was so very tired, but I love Guu!
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google earth.

wow, this is intense.
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random thoughts.

1. Having someone take a look at your iTunes playlist for me is like someone looking through my sock or underwear drawer. I know I shouldn't be ashamed, but as my friend points out, its almost like the playlist that belongs to a 17 year old teenage girl.

2. I wish you could all see, but I'm officially wearing a 'Brokeback Mountain' outfit today (cowboy shirt, jeans, boots, sans hat). I know I need a life.

3. Notice to all stars. Stop making sex tapes!

4. Dine out Vancouver -- a good way to check out Vancouver's hottest restaurants.

“Tourism Vancouver invites you to experience this city’s spectacular food and wine scene. From January 20 to February 2, enjoy a three-course dinner at 144 of Vancouver’s hottest restaurants for $15, $25, or $35? per person complemented by fabulous BC VQA wine pairing suggestions.”
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brokeback mountain - another review.

Still haven't gotten around to writing my review, but here's a really good one from Tom Coates.

I think he's right, but I think there has to be a special resonance for gay people in watching a film in which same-sex love and its complexities are so well represented. It's a rare occurence at all, let alone at this quality. I'm sure many people believe that gay people are as equal as everyone else and as free to operate in the world and do as they please as straight couples. But it's not true - while watching the fear on Heath Ledger's face about being exposed and revealed, I could see the anxiety on the face of an ex-boyfriend about any display of affection in public. He lived in fear of public hassle or approbrium - a fear that I'd like to say was unjustified, but cannot. My own lack of fear is probably more an artifact of years of anger and frustration than it is because I experience no threat. There's something here that's still more resonant today than many people understand.
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new activity.

I've always been a bit water-phobic. I took swimming lessons as a child, but I have always been scared of drowning. I used to have a recurring nightmare of being in a car as it drove off a bridge, into a river below, being trapped in the car, finally getting out, but not being able to swim well enough to save myself (I wonder what that dream means). Anyways, another resolution is to learn to be a better swimmer, and I think I'm going to try and go swimming more regularly. Tonight was the first night.

On another note, I think that instant messaging is making me a worse writer -- incomplete sentences, writing in phrases similar to how I would speak and not using the correct punctuation are all culprits. You will notice that most of my previous posts were all in lower case, and I do not think this helps the cause, so I'm done with that stylistic bent. Anyways, here's to another resolution in improving my writing!
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so much for a recap...

...it's 2006! out with the old, in with the new. happy new year to everyone!

one of my resolutions is to read more. any suggestions on some good books to read? please, no books filled entirely with literary devices please, light and easy (but not trashy).

recommendations please.
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