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hockey game
what am i doing? i feel so disjointed today, not part of anything, yet i'm so a part of this crowd, my friends from ubc and the ams. what should i do?
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make whole
it came to me today...as gay men, well, at least for me, you start by having somewhat of a broken identity (i.e. in terms of what society views of gay people, family constructs, religious upbringing), and then work at trying to become whole after you come to terms with your sexuality.
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reclaim innosence
i am generally attracted to younger guys -- party because of their naivite. can innosence be reclaimed? maybe i've been searching for the wrong thing all this time? hmm...
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dance practice
I can't believe that next year, i will be have dancing with kp for 10 years -- that is a lot of sunday rehearsals. this time around, i am trying to be more balanced -- though sunday morning rolls around, and i am so anxious for rehearsal to begin.
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first day was yesterday
before i forget, first day was yesterday -- my first official day, gainfully employed as a 'Systems Developer'! can you believe it??
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second to the last day
well, today is the second to the last day of work for me at TD (formerly Canada Trust). i've been working at Canada Trust since May 15, 1995. so much has happened since then, and how i've grown. it is weird how a 'temporary job' turned into over 6 years. crazy huh. even though i got kind of bitter in the end, this place has been good to me. i've met many great people, and i think that is why i stayed here so long.
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happy new year!
...been away from this lately...just wanted to report that much has happened, including the fact that i am now gainfully employed! exciting -- now i can finally focus on one thing. but it is kind of weird as well, funny how that is, because now i'm going to get back into a routine, and question is, will i like that routine?? at least i think i'll like my job!
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