ask randy: a place for dinner.

Oh guru of all that is fashion and social I have a question for you.

It has been four years now since I met my GF and I want to take her out somewhere nice for dinner. We’ve been to places like Seasons, the Tea House, The Boathouse and The Cannery. As a bit of a side note, My GF does not mind going to smaller places and LOVES Thai food (heck, she’d be happy just going to Thai House even – I’ve even considered Thai House Robson…).

So my question to you is what place you would recommend?

Thanks Double R!


Well dining out is something I enjoy, and I wish I could do it more often. I have been to a few new places lately, however I have been disappointed, so I won't tell you to go to those places. But here are a few of my favourites that I would recommend for a special night -- I wish someone would take me!!!

- Feenies (I wish I could afford Lumiere, but this place has a nice atmosphere and and fabulous food)
- Coast -- the food is fantastic, but it's kind of loud, so i'm not sure if it is super 'romantic'
- Tapastree, nice atmosphere, great food tapas style, a little gem hidden west of denman on robson
- Parkside in the west end -- very romantic, small room, intimate
- Diva at the Met -- I love fabulous service over a long lingering meal...for some reason I feel like I'm in Manhattan when I'm there

Let me where you end up going and have fun!

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