random thoughts.

ok, so when you go on a show like this, and don't get a rose, does that mean you left your job? i thought people in the U.S. only get 2 weeks off a year.

does he even need a show like this? come on now.

am i the only one that cries at the end of this show?

there's nothing better that getting a new haircut/hairstyle, even if your hair is not as it was in yesteryear.
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so, i 'test drove' my new laptop, and went a few cafes around town. besides work work, i usually have different projects on the go. i've decided that doing work at a cafe doesn't feel exactly like work, so this is a good thing. i've got to get used to the track pad, and along with the keyboard short cuts, that's going to take a bit of time.

now i need to write a column or the next great canadian novel or something.
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touch typing.

well, first reviews are in...the design of the G4 is definitely sleek and hot. the fact that mac's o/s is built on unix alone is definitely it's best selling feature for me. i love the fact that you can just fire up the terminal window and SSH into wherever you want and have command line access. This alone is worth it for me.

however, i guess i would be called a windows power user, knowing all of the keyboard shortcuts. These are all second nature to me. the whole command/apple key is new, and is something i will have to learn and get used to. expose is throwing me off. it's like i'm learning how to touch type all over again and it's not pretty...:)

but for those of you who know me, will also know besides it being just more of a new tool for me to learn and a new toy, i'm very excited to go to a cafe somewhere to work on it just like carrie (i know, i'm a loser).
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gary, you'll appreciate this post.

so, i've finally crossed the darkside (or am i now on the path of enlightenment?), but along with my new role and responsibilites at work, i am now the proud owner of one of these, and have made the switch. derek, who is probably apple's most passionate advocate in our office gave us windows users a tutorial and introduction to using a mac, shortcuts and all. anyways, i'm excited for the new sexy laptop, and with all of the side work that i do on my home pc, i'll be able to have the best of both worlds (or maybe eventually ditch my home pc all together).
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just try it.

this is really cool.
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pics from blackcomb.

i usually don't like flash viewers for sites, but for some reason, they tend to make pictures look more 'fancy'. check them out.
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drop offs.

it's been such a bad season for snow, which is one of the reasons why i haven't gone up as much, but yesterday i finally got up to whistler with shawn. this is my third season in, and i set up a goal of learning how (or at least attempting) to do more tricks. however conditions weren't optimal -- it was very icy at times, and it was almost like navigating an obstacle course with all of the rocks. however i did manage to attempt a few drop offs as they're called, and a few jumps. without a cloud in a sky, it was a gorgeous day and i've certainly decided that being up on the mountain when it is 'bad', is always good. we brought two cameras up so i'll post up some of these soon. .

when we went back into the village, i attempted again to find a helmet to fit my head. of course those of you who know me know that i have a hefty size skull. so when the salesperson called around other stores to find a double XL, it was kind of embarassing when he yelled over to me across the whole store to say that they had a double XL at the store across the street.

i did check that store out, but let's just say i'm still looking...:)
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random thoughts.

okay, i had to take in my computer the other day because 15 minutes after booting it up, it would power down by itself. i had problems with the power supply before, but basically the reason why is that the motherboard was completely covered in dust and i had a colony of dust bunnies living in my box. apparently, everyone should bring their computer in for a 'blow out' (and i thought that was what happened when you went to the hairdresser). anyways, after a good cleaning it's working as good as new.

most of us here at work use iTunes so we can easily share and listen to each other's music. of course, if you're not using iTunes yet, you're missing out...some of the great features include playlists that display your top songs most listened to.

question -- how much does one's playlist reveal about someone?
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beauty hurts.

after friday night's photoshoot, we had another photoshoot for the dance company. vincent, a good friend and very good photographer was able to take our shots to be used for our program, promotional material and a new version of our website. it's funny, i've been doing this for many years, and it was neat to see the newbies react to the sometimes painful poses that have to be held for such a long time just to get that perfect shot. i said they probably finally understood what it means when someone like a model says that modelling is, well work.

very excited to see the pictures, i think we got some good ones.
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the new emerald green.

so as per a few posts ago, i said that emerald green was the new pink. however i feel that it's in the air that emerald green has been overtaken by yellow as the new hot colour. think dark denim with fabulous yellow pumps. think yellow peaking out under a fabulous cropped heather grey blazer paired with some amazing jeans. my hairdresser says that purple is the new emerald green, however i think yellow is it. just look at cate and penelope at the oscars...:)

anyways, i think my third career is going to be related to fashion somehow. tonight i'm styling my first shoot for a local jewelry designer. it should be fun. the theme is manhattan afterhours...let's see if i can help create a bit of new york here in vancouver.
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on my mind.

okay, a couple of things that have been bothering me/on my mind lately.

1. while at the skytrain station, ask me for change, but don't ask me to buy a transfer off you, and don't harass me as i actually buy one from the machine. hello to translink -- install machines which check fares, or actually hire people to check them.

2. i don't mean to sound so cryptic, but say what you mean, and mean what you say -- i'm an adult and i can take it.
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pick it up.

congratulations chuck! well done.

still not finished it yet (i'm a slow reader), but i'm certainly enjoying it.
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