i'm a bit behind in my posts, but i wanted to recap my weekend. cameron and i decided to take advantage of having last friday off (remembrance), so we went down to seattle to do a bit of shopping and experience the nightlife down there. up bright and early, we picked up our sexy rental car which was supposed to be a dodge stratus, but ends up being the silver bullet (i.e. a silver mini van). we wanted to accomplish a lot so we drew up an itinerary -- however the long hour border wait time sort of threw a kink in our plans. a few pit stops in bellingham and mount vernon, we finally ended up at the outlet mall. wow, all i can say is that i almost hyperventillated at a few of the stores. one thing i've got to hand to the americans -- they can certainly do retailing. in canada we do not have any true 'outlet' shopping, unless you count places like winners. i mean sometimes you can luck out at those places, but most of the time places like winners are where clothes go to die. if i lived in the states, i would need to be careful, or else i think i would be bankrupt (but i would look fabulous!).

after our shopping excursion, we checked into the sheraton.
all i have to say is that the beds certainly beat what i'm used to (except for my own bed). definitely was well worth it after a long day of driving, shopping and dancing the night away.

here are a couple of good pictures...

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