just to be clear
walking on the way home with grant, we passed a new development called "939 yaletown" (i'm not really sure what the building number was). let's clear it all up now. "yaletown" is basically two blocks -- mainland and hamilton. if your new downtown condo is not on any of these streets, you're somewhere else.
(note: "939 yaletown" is actually on the corner of smithe and beatty.)

so, even though real estate agents try to convince me otherwise, me being on seymour does not make me one who lives an "upper yaletown" lifestyle.

i prefer entertainment row :).
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hell hath no furry
thought this was super funny. via frank.

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last night we had a performance at the chan centre at ubc. being sans car, i took the bus from downtown, which wasn't so bad (only took 26 minutes). anyways, walking from the bus loop at the sub to the chan centre, i could not help but feel nostaligic. i can't believe it has been eight years since i left ubc, and a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. sedgewick is not the library (it's koerner), but buchanan is still the same, and probably will never change. i tried to think back to that time, and though i don't remember a whole lot of specifics, i remember how i felt, which for the most part, a pretty darn good time in my life. boy, it would be nice to have a window to look back.

and even if they were behind schedule, and we had a great performance.
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what does yours spell?
...mine, nothing. this is fun. (or am i just a nerd)
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finally got around to seeing this movie, even if only to satisfy my curiosity. i'm still shaking my head -- it was kind of like watching a figure skater fall during a jump in the olympics -- you can not help but watch with both horror and delight.
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catch a flick.
if you too are disenenchated with the current hollywood summer movie fare right now, you might want to check out some of the films playing out on screen.
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thought i graduated from this.
i always complain that i have champagne tastes, but of course, on a slurpee budget. in search of a new couch, preferably leather, i recruited (or more like tagged along with donovan and brian) and i went down to sandy's which has a lot of natuzi. of course, they sell sofa and loveseats as sets, which puts me out because i don't have a family of four more that 648 square feet.

even though i swore i wasn't going to buy any more substantial pieces from ikea, i have narrowed it down to the karlanda -- within my budget and the right size.

considering my current sofa is falling apart (ironically from ikea, which maybe is a bad sign), this is definitely a good candidate for a replacement, because we all know how much i love serious couch time.
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damm that wall centre (and the hill).
went up to my rooftop deck, and finally caught a bit of the fireworks last night, but a building was in the way. without a radio simulcast and minus the people, once you've seen one fireworks display, you've seen them all.
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performing in san francisco.
check out the poster of our upcoming show in california.
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...for some reason, i've been away for a while, but now i'm back, with a new attitude and outlook.

happy pride everyone.
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