Random fashion thought:
- Why do straight, white guys love suede shoes?

Random relationship thought:
- Can you ever find what you're looking for if you never get over a crush?
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The restaurant that Martha wanted to check out pre-lockup when she visited Vancouver was Vij's. I have wanted to go here for a long time, but just haven't had the chance (and the $$$) to do so. However more in my price range is it's sister restaurant/take-out joint, Rangoli, that also sells " frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat Indian dishes as well as freshly roasted and ground Indian spices". Rangoli's are apparently "retired" dishes from Vij's kitchen next door.

On Wednesday, Shawn and I checked this place out, and while I'm not super keen on or super knowledgable about Indian cuisine, this little place served up a really nice meal at a decent price, in a cool little space in South Granville -- very Vancouver. I'll definitely have to check it out again.
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Friday night, I went up to Whistler with Cristina, where we met Veejay et al and hung out. it is certainly nice to get away from the city, especially after a busy week. It was also cool to think that in less than four years, the Olympics are going to be here. I can only imagine how crazy it is going to be in Whistler/Vancouver during that time.

We were warned in advance that it was going to be extremely cold, and yes, it was (read -19 degrees celcius at the peak). However as the picture below sort of captures, it is sure nice to be up in dem mountains on a clear day. Too bad that the mountain was a vertical ice-rink in some points. However, as I always say a day on the slopes is always fun!

After apres ski, my brother and I were on the search for the elusive helmet. For those of you who know me, I have an extremely large head, which makes wearing hats, caps and helmets very difficult. After four seasons of riding, I finally found one that fit my head...I'm stoked!

Sunday morning we had a lovely breakfast at the fabulous local French crepery (sp?), and then proceeded to make our way back to Vancouver for Sunday's rehearsal. It was certainly very "weekend warrior" of all of us, since the crew that was up in Whistler all made it back in time for rehearsal. With the Belgium tour coming up, there is certainly a lot of work to do!

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ask randy: what colour?

Dear Personal Imagineer,

I'm looking for a new pair of shoes, something that will be dressy enough
for 'business-casual' wear, and ideally could still go well with a pair of
nice jeans. Is this loony? Having long embraced your view that "brown is
the new black", I already have a pair of brown, square-toed shoes, so I'd
like to get something a little different. What do you recommend?

Signed: Looking For Dressy, But Not Too Dressy, Shoes (LOFOD BUNOTODS)

Thanks for your question. The short answer is, well get another pair of brown shoes...:) Try different shades -- chocolate brown, medium brown, hey, why not get crazy, get tan!?! If you must, try a pair of low profile black slip ons, something a bit more interesting than a lace-up. And remember we want to have a similar colour story between the pants and the shoes, so basically what I am saying is that when I hear 'business-casual', I think most men think about their khaki pants (i.e. 'Dockers' or the death of north American sportswear). Basically black shoes and light pants equals fashion mediocrity. Black shoes and a light-weight pair of charcoal grey pants or a dark indigo wash denim, I say go for it!

Straight (and fashion challeneged) men of the world -- follow the cue of women all around the world -- you can have more than one pair of fabulous shoes in the same colour.
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happy valentine's day...

...To all of my friends with that special someone, I hope you have a great day of celebrating each other.

...To all of my single friends out there that are feeling lonely, I truly hope and wish that one day you will find what you're looking for.

As a side note, this post was "Saved as Draft" for most of today because I thought it was too "out there". But a few things I've realized about myself in the past while is that I am an emotional person that wears his heart on his sleeve and that I should not feel bad for feeling how I feel and what I believe. This is who and what I am, and take it or leave it, and if I'm worse off for it, for being too idealistic and too romantic in what can be a sometime harsh world, well then that's how it's going be.

(Now I'm really done...)
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random thoughts.

1. If you believe in fate and/or destiny, what happens if the one you're supposed to be with, your soulmate, does not live in your city?

2. I know it's a "Hallmark" holiday, but I think everyone who has a special someone should celebrate Valentine's Day, if only to remember what it's like to be alone on February 14th.

(Yes, I'm done.)
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vancouver at night.

here's a pic from the viewpoint up to cypress mountain on monday night. thanks darren for the pic!

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One of the best movies i've seen lately Junebug. It is a subtle and bittersweet story that has left me thinking about it long after I watched it -- important criteria for me these days. Wonderfully acted with an ensemble cast of relatively unknowns (at least to me) it features a great off-type performance from Ben MacKenzie (from the O.C.) however the highlight of the movie was Amy Adams. I've never heard of her before, but she's a standout. Check it out.

Just came back from Cypress for a bit of night riding -- it was probably the best night up yet. The sky was clear and the snow was fast -- it is such a fun thing to do after work. It's a total cliche but it's true -- where else in the world can you golf in the morning and ski in the afternoon?
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random thoughts.

1. Thank goodness it's Feburary -- Wasn't January a long month?

2. Fashion tip -- When you buy a suit, never open the side pockets that are sealed shut, because doing so will encourage you to put stuff in there, and in the long run will detract from the shape of the jacket. Also, if your jacket has a single or double vent, please take out the stitching that holds them in place!

3. I miss you, mom. I can't believe it has been eight years.
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