hair emergency.
...wish i had a digital camera -- just looked into the mirror and have decided that i've officially let myself go.

luckily i have a hair appointment tonight.
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ultimate accessory.
this might sound bitter, but i've decided that after going to so many weddings (and including one this weekend), that having a spouse of some sort IS the ultimate accessory. sitting at a round table of couples (all nice and pleasant) plus the videographers (also a couple) and your cousin (the deejay) makes you feel like you are wearing last season's shoes at the 2003/04 fall winter prada show.
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wedding bells.
if i ever have a chance to tie the know, what michelle and mitch have done is a good idea.

this is a great picture...tommorow should be a great day for a wedding...congratulations!

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antonio just sent me this picture with him, phil and bono. needless to say, he's quite happy about it. (click on image for a larger version of pic)

check out the new seahawks stadium in the background.
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total convenience.
...across the street, opening soon will be a new grocery store. i wonder if bananas will be 6.99 a pound vs. 59 cents, however for single guys like me with a changing schedule (and wanting the ultimate in convenience), maybe the head of lettuce will find it's way to a salad instead of wilting in the crisper of my fridge.
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i'm ready for my headshot...
on monday, we had the annual photoshoot for our group -- promotional pictures to be used in our souvenier program. recently i had caught up with my old friend from ubc days, alastair, who graciously offered his services. take a look at his site, and you'll see that he does great work.

i can not wait to see the results!
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come on, now
...last night, i finally got together with donovan and brian for a birthday drink. it being a nice night, and not knowing where to go, we decided to stroll down to coal harbour and try to grab a table at cardero's. there looked to be a wait, as there were about 5 to 10 people waiting in the lobby.

brian: we'd like a table for three.
hostess: do you have a reservation?
brian: no
hostess: inside or out?
brian: which ever is faster
hostess: (with a straight face) okay that'll be about an hour and a half to two hour wait.
brian: (in jest) we'll take it!

...needless to say we ended up in yaletown, at place with almost less pretention, if you can believe it. :)

i wonder if they held our table.
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the times are a changin'
...definitely things are a changin'...check out these two new reality shows, boy meets boy and queer eye for the straight guy. it's funny how the first show is the one that is raising all the eyebrows and getting all the flack. even though this is a giant step, a sexualized gay man is still more threatening than one that gives you fashion advice.

it'll be interesting to see which show gets the better ratings. regardless, more mainstream images and different representations of ourselves can only help bridge understanding and acceptance.

(p.s. if i could, i would watch the second show, but as of now, no plans to broadcast the series in canada.)
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bad service, but
...one of the most beautiful places to have a drink on a patio in the city, which i enjoyed last night. it was quintessential vancouver.
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why wait.
congratulations to ed and tina, who tied the knot on july 4th in a quiet backyard ceremony. tina is a member of my dance group and ed is a member of our sister dance group in san francisco. it is amazing how many performers in arts groups end up hooking up and falling in love.

they really met only eight months ago, when ed was up here as a special guest artist for our most recent show. i guess when love happens, it too happens fast and sweet (see next post).
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ninong randy
i'm proud to say that i have been asked to be ninong (tagalog for godparent, godfather) to emily ryann, my cousin veejay and michelle's first child.

life is both fast and sweet.
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no, it wasn't our building
...big fire on thursday, just about a block from where i work. i saw the fire engine on the way to work (around 9) and the fire continued to burn throughout the day, probably until after lunch. my co-worker knows someone who lived in the building and said it definitely wasn't 'popcorn' that set off the fire, but someone boiling something else (read illegal substance).
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vancouver 2010
...it has been the prototypical soap opera, trying to following the politics of IOC, but i'll admit to being hooked, down to watching the cliffhanger finale.

congratulations to the bid team and all the volunteers!
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