not that tall in person.
on friday night, i went to this 'yaletown block party' (read: deniro's and bigtime clothing store turned their store fronts into a patio starting in the early evening and then turned their store sans clothes into an after hours until 5 am). anyways, around 1 o'clock in the morning, rather unsuspectingly, johnny knoxville (from jackass) and dwayne johnson (the rock) came to the party. they seemed pretty cool, just hanging out and talking to people at the party. my friend laura actually managed to take a picture with knoxville. looks like they are in town filming their new movie, "walking tall".

i know they're just people, but i always seemed to be enamoured by famous 'stars'. i thought that the rock would be taller and bigger in person though.

as well, how do stars know what's going on the city when filming anyway?
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window shopping just isn't the same
last weekend, vanessa, gillian i had dinner, and afterwards, we strolled down robson looking at the various window displays. anyways, the girls were looking at this fabulous dress at zara. -- it was fantastic, ripped straight from the runways for spring/summer '03. we proceed along robson, and i stop looking at the window of tommy hilfiger and i say "wow! i love that new button down collared check shirt with the tan cargo khakis!!"

...it just isn't the same.
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it's like buying a new shirt.
i've been wanting to do a redesign for a while -- i've been tired at looking at my old blog template for a while. fully intending to create a new personal site (for about a year and a half), i decided to revert to an old template that i did for bill for a while back and changed the colours a bit. maybe this will satisfy my need for reinvention for a while.
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random thought of the day
what job do you think would be worse -- a city of vancouver meter maid or a translink fare enforcer?
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baby emily
veejay and michelle are the proud parents of a baby girl, emily ryan, and i'm a proud uncle. it's funny, b/c michelle is one of my dancers, and actually was rehearsing even on sunday for four hours! i wanted to make sure i taught her all her solos pieces (she's coming back after six weeks) before she had to go on 'maternity leave'.

welcome to the world, emily!
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my new mecca
...first it was the london drugs opening right on the corner of georgia and granville. and then it was the iga at burrard and smithe, along with two starbucks within a block of my condo. now as i walk down granville, from the london drugs (where i went in for shaving cream and came out with that plus a blender -- all on sale of course), i see they are opening up a winners right on the corner of granville and robson.

except for ikea, i'll never have to venture outside of downtown for a deal again!
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deal in kitsilano
i always go on about how expensive everything is in kitsilano -- high on style if you're high on disposable income. (if i see another woman sporting some lululemon pants and a yoga mat in tow, i will....:) ). anyways, i went and had dinner at chianti's on monday night -- a favourite haunt during university that i almost forgot. $6.95 for any pasta on the menu monday's and tuesdays, and for another $2.95 you can "sport size" it.

check it out when you're in the area.

p.s. i do want a pair of yoga pants though :)
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slow on posts
...i know, i know i have been bad. i've really been meaning to move to moveable type, and i've been using that as an excuse -- however so many other things that are taking priority it seems. this was supposed to be a blog of random thoughts, and with that in mind, i'll try to keep posting until such time i make the 'big move'.
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we're not a dance ensemble, but...
...we are performing this weekend -- if any of you are watching friends paddling on saturday morning, check us out here.
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june 12
june 12 marks "philippine independance day", a day filipinos at 'home' and abroad consider as the official birth of the philippines as a nation. why june 12th? why was it changed from july 4th (originally in concert with the u.s.a.)? diosdado macapagal, former president of the the philippines writes,
    "A nation is born into freedom on the day when such a people, moulded into a nation by a process of cultural evolution and sense of oneness born of common struggle and suffering, announces to the world that it asserts its natural right to liberty and is ready to defend it with blood, life, and honor."

long live the philippines, even with all of its struggles.
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summer in the city
there is nothing i like more than walking home at dusk, with the comfortable warmth of the night air surrounding me.

it's summer.
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