have been looking forward to see this movie as well as 'the gay cowboy' one. sam mendes is the director of one my favourite movies, american beauty. i still think my favourite 'war' movie is 'full metal jacket', however this might be a close second. though jakc is my husband, i haven't seen a lot of his movies -- he turns in a an amazing performance, along with peter sarsgaard and jamie foxx. if he doesn't get nominated for this, it will probably be for brokeback mountain.

i don't read a lot of other blogs that do not belong to my friends, but i've found one that i'm hooked on. warning, it has homosexual tendencies. it's great for gossip and interesting links.

oh and a belated thanks to all those wished me a happy birthday. i won't lie, i was kind of bummed out about the big double three, but when woke up last wednesday, i felt differently about turning one year older. thanks to all for the greetings from near and far.

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