this past week has been pretty busy. since sunday night, i've been staying with my friends donovan and brian down the block. i'm finally getting my floors re-done (i am finally collecting on an insurance claim) from maple floors to fabulous dark walnut. i went by this morning, and it looks like the interior of caban. brian and donovan have an amazing apartment, and it's been fun hanging out with them as their third roommate. i'll tell you the truth, since we've been doing something every night, while fun,i'm pretty tired...i guess i'm used to having a lot of downtime during the week.

also exciting news is that i'm off to london next week -- besides the work challenge, i can't to visit that city again and a few friends over there.

last night we went and saw rent. it was good, but i had high expectations -- i truly wished that i saw it in the theatre first. anyways, it was good enough that i almost cried during the first song.

finally does every celebrity have to have a celebrity fragrance? shania?. do you own one? seriously who buys them?

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