ok, so i've been off for a while...been super busy, with the wedding coming up. things are good though, most of the hard stuff is out of the way, and now we can just concentrate on having fun. out of town guests are arriving, things are starting to feel festive.

unfortunately, i am going to miss ryan and carole's wedding, which is also this saturday. i didn't miss the stag however. last weekend we all went up to whistler and had a very 'adult' kind of stag. most of us were in our 30's, the drive up was very scenic, the fabulous steak dinner at hy's, the civilized partying -- it reminded us of the movie 'sideways'. so much so that we ordered a 'pinot' at dinner.

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the way a fridge should look like.

the way a fridge should look like.
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a little late in posting, but here are some pictures from last weekend's stag...

sometimes things are better as memories versus photographs...
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happy birthday cristina.

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after partying hard on friday night, you would have thought it was my birthday...:) friday night we had a nice dinner at zin, i made a pit stop at earl's to visit some work folk and then went down to tokyo lounge. my favourite part of the night was when mel and i started the dancing since everyone was encircling the dance floor but NOT on it.

happy birthday cristina!!!

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random thoughts.

1. okay, colour prediction for fall/winter 2005 -- the new black is, well black. think different textures. think streamlined. think about a fabulous wool coat with some military inspired leather detailing. think faux fur.

2. what man in their right mind would buy this?
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stag recap.

i'm still on a high from the weekend, rodney's stag weekend...i think it was a fun time had by all. because what happens in shuswap, 'stays in shuswap' (right boys???) here is an edited recap of some memorable moments.

1. renaming our boat from the 'joanne marie' to the 'ss oriental'
2. 10 flats of beer and the hard liquor all gone by the end of the trip
3. the fabulous food prepared by our chef, veejay. highlight was the steak and prawn dinner on saturday night!
4. being pulled around in an inner tube by the sea-do and driving the sea-do
5. catching a trout
6. the fireworks on nielsen (nelson?) beach -- it was like the symphony of fire
7. moving our boat to be beside the MILFs, but then ending up partying on the boat that we were originally beside
8. the hot tub
9. a bunch of grown men carrying sparklers and running around the beach screaming at the top of their lungs
10. face-painting
11. attempting to perform a forward dive off the boat
12. rodney wearing an apron and carrying a spatula...:)
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21 days left.

...until the big wedding day. it seems as if there is a lot of stuff to do, but i know everything will work out beautifully -- it's going to be a good party. i'm proud of jeanette and rodney -- they've worked really hard to plan this thing and i think everything is coming together...

should sign off now, because i have to get up at 5 am tommorow so that we can leave for the stag that's going to end all stags -- our housboat trip on shushwap lake! will share those stories (maybe or maybe not) later!
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more random PI thoughts.

before i forget, funny phrases/words that i learned when i was in the philippines.

1. daisy siete - refers to a young girl, teen age girl. daisy siete is close to the spanish for 17. there is even a tv show with the same name.

2. 'gimmick' - refers to going out on the town.

3. 'gigs' - see gimmick..:)
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boracay pic.

Philippines2005 072
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pretty nice beach, huh?

so i've been back a week, and busy with all of the wedding stuff and back to the grind. it's going to be an exciting month with the stag and all the festivities -- a great party. i hope all of their planning works out.

on a side note, i like watching tennis. it's a good sport to watch on tv. i'm actually thinking of taking tennis lessons next year as i need a summer activity.
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