merging of the tribes.
congratulations ed and tina! your wedding was both beautiful and fun had by all!
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more pamana pictures

...from michelle's friend, phil -- these are fantastic.
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welcome oliver.
check out his blog. hope you keep at it oliver!!!
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Alliance MP Fired Over Anti-Gay Comments
    OTTAWA -- Canadian Alliance MP Larry Spencer was fired Thursday as the party's family issues critic and temporarily resigned from caucus after making controversial remarks about homosexuals.

    Alliance Leader Stephen Harper said Spencer's comments on homosexuality were unacceptable and do not reflect the party's stance on gays.

    Spencer had told the Vancouver Sun that homosexuality should be outlawed and cited a "well-orchestrated" conspiracy that began in the 1960s and led to recent successes in the gay-rights movement.

wow. i wonder how he would feel if had a gay son. [ read more here ]

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maybe i should have campaigned.
i went to my strata meeting's agm last night (how fun). there was a discussion around a new bylaw regarding pets where one of the debates was whether there was a difference between two finches in a bird cage vs. eight finches (the owners voted on registering all pets, including birds with property management). anyways, when we it came around to the vote for new council members, i volunteered myself as a candidate, thinking that not many people would be interested. well it came down to the vote, and unfortunately (or fortunately) i didn't make it on council. i thought first that it maybe because of my lack of campaigning but realistically it was probably due to the fact that i hardly know any of neighbours since i usually take the stairs since i'm on the second floor instead of the elevator :).
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pamana photos!

jeanette and rhoel in "pangsat"

here are the photos that katie yu, our photographer took from the show. the light levels were really low, so some of the photos are really dark, but i think she was able to capture some of feelings of that night.
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i love those error messages
to those who understand: smarty can lick my a#@!
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...how did j.lo. become the "new face of vuitton"? i want to be the new face of something.
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natural high
...well we've done it. the show, by all accounts, was a resounding success. even with a few problems here and there, overall the feeling of the show was there, and that i believe can be attested to the power of group work, of being part of something bigger than oneself.

congratulations, kp. i am so proud of everyone. i'll post pictures soon.
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weekend update, two weeks later, mid week
so much to blog about, so little time. the week leading up to a show is always really stressful, but to compound it, there were so many social events this past weekend. i don't want to forget anything because i have a terrible memory so...

friday nite was marty's birthday party, which was a surprise and held at the macaroni grill. i haven't been to that place in such a long time and i forget how nice it is in there, which is basically an old mansion converted into a house. coming late, not being able to have a nap right after work, and eating a lot of pasta made me super sleepy, which made not really into going to bobby's halloween party. but thank goodness i did, was able to let off some steam. everyone's costumes look great. i'll post some pictures soon.

well, my birthday came and went. it being on a sunday and plus halloween only being a few days before, everyone was pretty mellow. but i had a good crew out, and it was good to see everyone again. we went to the freehouse on davie at denman, which was a great little room. although a bit cramped, they had half price appetizers and double hi-balls for five bones. you can't go wrong with that price. afterwards, a few of us went off to baltazhar where more conversation and drinks were had and then finally ending up at shine. you know when you are getting old when there are two rooms and one of the rooms plays hip hop and this is a foreign concept to you.

all in all, a good way to mark my 31st for sure.
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