star sighting.

  • On my way home last night, I saw this guy. He's tall and as hot in person. Alanis is lucky.
  • For Fall 2006, jewel tones are in. Think saphire, ruby and emerald. So are leggings apparently.
  • Spending time with someone you like is euphoric. Butterflies are fun.
  • I am still running out of time.
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random thoughts.

Have been so busy lately with work during the week, KP all the time on the weekends, a busy social schedule and "me" time when I can fit it in. I don't seem to have very much time to post these days, but here are some random thoughts.
  • Malaysian food is good. Check out Tropika if you can. If we marketed Filipino cuisine woud we have more Filipino restaurants in a similar league?
  • Transamerica was a great movie. Loved Kevin Zegers (he's Canadian). Match Point was also great.
  • When will the camouflage cargo short be out of style? Even though it's ubiquitous, I want a pair.
  • I know that I'm really comfortable with someone that I 'like' when I don't care if he sees what's on my iPod and on "My Top Played" list.
  • Do you ever feel like you're running out of time?
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donavon frankenreiter.

I'm a bit late on posting, but Monday night I went with a few friends to check out Donavon Frankenreiter. His claim to fame is his close association with Jack Johnson and collaboration on his first album, however with his second album, there is a bit of a departure with a slightly heavier sound, but the feel good vibe is still there. He's definitely on repeat, possibly making his new album my summer soundtrack. Love the lead off track.

The show was at the Commodore, which is literally one block away from my house. I literally have no excuse to check out more shows, and will do my best to check out more up and coming acts in such a great venue.
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weekend recap.

Things are definitely gearing up for the company, so much so that I need to make sure I take time to breath. On Saturday afternoon, we performed at the Plaza of Nations for Philippine Independence day. It is amazing how long we've done this show, and each year, things don't seem to change. But I guess to be a part of something new and to change things for the better, you need to speak up and get involved. One day when I have some free time, I think I'd like to be a part of the planning for the yearly festival.

That same evening, we had a Wedding Performance at the Brock House. Like Cristina says, I think it's my favourite venue in Vancouver, possibly where I will have my wedding. The tent with the lights, it's very My Best Friend's Wedding.

Sunday, we had our regular rehearsal and then we quickly jetted off to the land of Surrey to perform for Jenilee's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Now let's just say that having over 300 guests puts it in a category of all its own.

This weekend is another KP one, performing at the Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday morning, and then busy rehearsing for Belgium on Sunday!

Here are is a picture from Saturday...

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random friday thoughts.

Almost a week since my last post -- there's been a lot on my mind, and not just the following random thoughts.
  • Randy's quote of the day (yesterday):
    Office Mate: "Have you been to that place on Commercial Drive?"

    Me: "The only time I go east of Cambie is when I am on a plane."

    (...Laughing out loud -- I'm just joking. I work near Main and I grew up in Surrey.)

  • Getting caught in a rainstorm (like last night Vancouverites) without an umbrella is only romantic if you have someone with you.
  • The best thing about being in the friend zone is the friend part.
  • Integrity and straightforwardness, no matter how cynical you are, is the best approach to relationships.
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