birthday suit
i've been trying to find the perfect birthday outfit. not an easy task, searching for something unique in the current vibe of fashion (which is either goth or peasant). anyways, found two shirts at one of my favourite stores, but couldn't decide on which one. so i ended up taking both, and yes, i'm still undecided.
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out there
in a couple of the movies that i have watched lately, they have talked about the concept of self-preservation, especially when it comes to the concept of relationships. i have always worn my heart on my sleeve, putting myself 'out there', with the idea that one can not truly feel all the highs and lows of human interaction without doing so. not that i have been burned lately (well maybe a little bit, but i guess that would be my fault), but as a friend told me earlier today, maybe the route to take is to be more inwardly focussed.
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[surrey, en route]
happy anniversary
today is my first anniversary with my present employer, and also of my 'new career'. and, to come to think about it, if i were to think back to two years ago, it was around this time that i finally decided to leave the 'shackles' of my former bank career, and enter the world of technology. i remember that i would actually close my eyes and try to imagine where i would in one year or two years time, and i am happy to report that though it did not work out exactly how i had planned, i can unequivocally say that it is one of the best decisions i have ever made, period.
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a tell tale sign.
how do you know that you like someone? well, at least for me, i definitely know the warning signs. i came across a picture from a while back. the picture was taken as i was giving this guy a hug, and in it, my were eyes closed. as i think about it more, of all the guys that have made an impact on me (and there have not been many), i'm sure i looked exactly the same way as i did in that picture.
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29 years + 360 days
my friend vanessa asked me how i felt about turning thirty. i actually didn't have an answer for her, because i guess it hasn't really hit me yet. however upon reflection this weekend, i've decided that i feel the same, just more mature, if that makes sense. basically, i like to think that i have the same sense of optimism as i did when i was say 22, but now, it is just tempered by experience.
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one day.
very cool design/layout...when i get around to having enough time...

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happy birthday shawn.
on saturday night, went out with shawn and the gang to celebrate his birthday (which is next week, but he's leaving...). we went out for dinner at lucy mae brown, and then for a bit of dancing at luce's (traumatizing). anyways, it was the first free weekend in a long time, of being able to go out and not have to think about rehearsal on sunday. needless to say i (and i think shawn) had a fantastic time.
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on friday night, i saw the rules of attraction with vanessa. i love movies that make me think, especially if i can see a bit of myself in some of the characters. am i ian somerhalter's character, paul?
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i had my first employee review today with my current employer. there was some positive as well as things to work on, but for the most part, i was happy with my review and my bosses were pleased with my performance. it is an neat feeling because i think that i have only begun to scratch the surface of what i think i might be able to do professionally. this might sound like i have tons of 'bravado', but i am so happy that i have finally encountered an industry and a position that is (though i dare to say it) an almost perfect fit for me.
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secret's out
ever wonder how some sites come up with such interesting, unique colour combinations? this is a useful tool.
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a interesting article regarding google's online experience.
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get away from the computer.
well, it is the first 'free night' probably since the beginning of september. i don't know what to do myself -- i feel like i need to work on something...i need to step away and have some serious couch time. i'm signing off now...
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support for the arts
last night's show was again a success. i am so relieved that after all the hours and hours of rehearsals, stress and anxiety, the show went off smoothly -- there was even magic in some parts :). anyways, after the curtain call when i went to the audience, a lot of people who i didn't even know were congratulating me and asking when the next show was. it's funny how people really love consuming the finished product -- for example two shows that we put on this weekend, however few realize all the blood sweat and tears that go into a show. i guess the final product on stage would not be as good if it was 'easy'.
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[new westminster]
one more in the bag.
last night's show was a success...being on stage, i really feel at home -- it truly is a natural high. great thing is, i have a matinee at 3 pm today!
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rock god.
the style of my new hair cut apparently. i wish i had a picture after all of my hair cuts -- it would be total retrospective. my apparently looks like the guy from the hives.
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this is fun.
via kevin. check it out.
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thanks to grant.
check it out. i have a new fun project!
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something good.
this ppag project has been very very stressful -- even with our best intentions -- i.e. to join two groups (KP and PhilCAS) and to put on the show for the love of dance -- there has been many obstacles, stresses and setbacks. hopefully all the hardwork will pay off. however after watching likha's show, i realized why i love doing this is because of the people, the process and the love of my culture. KP certainly focussed that attitude and that mindset -- we definitely have something good going. next year will be our tenth year -- and it will certainly be a reason to get back on 'track' and truly show what we're all about.
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finally i can be cheesy too!
i've had tonnes of business cards from the various positions i have held -- this is the first time that i'm truly proud of what i do professionally -- i'm going to have to give out a lot to get rid of them!
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mapped out.
my life is pretty much mapped out for the next two weeks -- busy with my upcoming show. rehearsals, finishing the program, organizing the tech stuff, costumes, etc, etc -- hopefully it will all be worth it!
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