america's next top model.

ok, not the fourth installment, but actually the kp version. today, we had our second photoshoot with vincent chan (of invisionation fame), where we had our head shots and group shots done. now vincent is no regular photographer -- we were told to strike fabulous poses, just like in the show. it was a fun, good bonding experience for everyone -- it's both tough and exciting to strike those poses. hopefully they'll turn out as good as we felt doing them!

check out some 'behind the scenes' photos from my camera here.

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weird things i see.

okay we've done this all before -- making your way to the gym for a workout, and then when you get there, you forget a part of your gym strip. kudos to being dedicated, however being witness to this yesterday, it just looks weird if you are working out with jeans and dress shoes.
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revenge of the sith.

so i finally saw it -- i never saw the first two, but i don't think that i needed to. it was pretty good, but maybe not as good as the original star wars that i saw with my dad way back in 1977 :). when watching episode 3, i was thinking how special effects are just taken for granted nowadays -- it takes alot to wow me now.

hayden christensen was believable in his transformation, though this is no surprise as he's a pretty good actor. i really enjoyed him shattered glass, and one of my favourite movies, life as a house.

plus he's from vancouver, and looks hot with the long hair...:)
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long weekend.

three day weekends are always great, even if you're sick -- i managed to catch whatever was going around in the office. anyways, sick or not, we had our first dress rehearsal. as first dress rehearsals go, it was okay -- missing costumes, missing people, etc. but it was good to finally see the things come together somewhat. only a few more weeks to go, but so much to do!

spent today helping rodney and jeanette with their wedding preparations...who knew that finding paper was such a big deal. anyways, i think we came up with something that's going to be nice, at least for the save the date card.

after a long weekend of rain, it was nice to spend part of the afternoon on graville island eating a caramel apple in the sun.
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more random thoughts.

1. london drugs is truly a happy place. i mean where else can you get your script filled and then get your passport photo done?

2. i voted today. you can't complain if you don't vote.

3. i borrowed rico's bike and biked home. i think i'm definitely going to get one. a half an hour walk to work versus an 8 minute bike ride or so. it's pretty cool, i must admit.
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random thoughts.

1. if you're riding a bike, wear a helmet. on monday i saw a biker go head first right through the back of a windshield. they do help.

2. if you have one of those earpieces for a phone, use it for driving, but not when you're walking around a gym. you look weird.

3. i'm addicted to all of the law and orders.
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only a few more rehearsals to go -- let me know if you want tickets to my show. check out the poster here.
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16 steps.

not as interesting (i think) as my 29 steps in london, but here are 16 steps from houston.
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i did it!

well, i did better than my first one, so i'm happy. official time was 1:48:46. click here to see all the results, and if you do a CTRL-F, you'll find me :).

congratulations to everyone who finished!
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