1. why do mandarin oranges come out during this time of year? is this a marketing ploy? i have sometimes seen them in the produce aisle of the market during the summer....

2. even if it is a great scent, who buys/wears this?
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shawn's birthday bowling bash!

tonight was super fun...rather than the regular dinner and drinks, we all got together to celebrate shawn's birthday with some bowling fun. we headed out to richmond, though even though i was the organizer, i was late because i took the knight street bridge and instead of taking the 99 i took the 91 headed to delta...anyhew, that's besides the point.

everyone was pretty much decked on in some decent bowling gear, all ready and raring to go, expecting to score a few 'turkeys'. even if most scores (actually all scores) were all under 200, it was a good time had by all -- bowling is certainly underrated -- i highly recommend it. it's nice for us to get together during the week from our otherwise busy and hectic lives -- i've been certainly feeling this lately.

happy birthday shawn!
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12th season.

last week, KP started it's twelveth season...and i can't believe that it has almost been twelve whole years since we started this thing and by all it accounts, is still growing strong. we have a core group of dedicated performing artists, dancers, musicians and volunteers who 'keep the dream' alive. living the life of an artist is both challenging and rewarding, and is an experience that only those who put themselves out there can truly relate to -- the high of an amazing stage performance, the act of putting oneself out there, being emotionally vulnerable for all those to see. this year, i want to push myself as a true artistic director, explore new and interesting choregraphy, putting a new spin on our folk dances while remaining true to their spirit.

in the end, all i've wanted to dance. i'm glad that i've stuck to it. i'm glad that so many people have helped me live my dream.
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star sightings.

on my lunch time jog today i saw jessica alba, filming the fantastic four. she was five feet away (and about that tall), and according to rodney, she can't dance, though i was not witness to this myself :).
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i love fall.

how can you not love fall on a day like today...simply beautiful. fall is my favourite season because things slow down a bit, the air is brisk, the leaves turn their colours almost in preparation for the winter ahead. nights are spent lingering over food and sharing a bottle of wine, or enjoying the ritual of preparing a meal for guests on a saturday afternoon with your favourite CD playing in the background. that all being said, i haven't done any of this yet, but i'm certainly in the mood, unlike in the summer when it was all about being fabulous outside :).

plus i certainly love fall clothes better!
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happy turkey day!

...it's thanksgiving day here in canada. since i almost always tend to look at the glass as 'half empty' rather than 'half full' i tend to take for granted the truly blessed life that i lead. on saturday i went up to whistler for it's annual turkey sale (my first one). since i'm already pretty much set up for this season, i was almost looking for things to buy (i picked myself up a sweet snowboard bag) -- what a concept.

besides being able to live a life of leisure and the fact that i can almost do anything that i want, i am most thankful for my health and of course my family and my friends who are my extended family.

but today, i'm especially thankful for the wonderful long weekend!
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fashion tip #94.

try buying european fragrances versus north american ones -- north american ones tend to be 'synthetic'.

to make your fragrance last longer, try layering by also using the same line of deodorant or aftershave -- it's not a hoax.

spray the fragrance into the air, and then walk under it...generally if it falls on your head, your head gives off heat, so it will linger.

fragrance pick: YSL's M7 Fresh.
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welcome, antonio.

after much prodding, i've finally convinced antonio to join the bandwagon. i'm sure he has a lot to post about now that he's living it up in singapore.

welcome antonio! happy posting!
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how much is too much?

i watch much music, and i go to the record store, i look for music to download, but often i am left feeling empty, walk out of the store out with nothing, or end up listening to the same mp3s.

i think it's because there is too much 'bling' in music right now.

what do you think? discuss.
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my mecca.

taken by antonio, who's recently moved to singapore. though i haven't been too happy with their last few seasons, the price point is what keeps me coming back.

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