pictures from the gala.

The gala was my personal 'best' performance of the Festival, although not without its drama. It was held in the ‘Beethoven auditorium’ of hotel Ter Elst. The festival hall, where most of the performances were held were great, but KP is really at home in a theatre.

Bagobo Rice Cycle

Celine in Pandango


Go Jenilee!

Marc and Jenilee in Salip.

Kathy in Magigal-Paunjalay

Wil and Iris.

Michelle in Singkil.

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she's on fiyah!

I just came back from the mariah concert, and all i can say is that it was fabulous!!! She sang most of her hits that i wanted her to (she's got a lot of them), and it was great to sing along.

I'm glad i went. She's a great talent. Sure she's not singing about rocket science, but i don't care -- so many of her songs have made part of the soundtrack of my life.
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fall 2006.

Fall is definitely upon us. I love fall, I love the change in weather, the leaves changing colour, but most of all I love the clothes. Layering your clothes, sweaters, knits, vests, scarves and more scarves. The scarf is the accessory for the season. Wool scarves, thin gauze-like scarves, skinny scarves parading as ties. Ascots are in and so are vests, and believe me I was already in search for one before Justin thought he was bringing Sexy Back.

In an earlier post I dissed the newest trend, the skinny jean, but I think I finally understand it. It's not about the jean actually it's about how the jean relates to the fabulous shoe. Watch for it!

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sundays off

Now that we are officially on a break, it's nice to have two full days off to myself. On Sunday I went out for a walk around the city, trying to enjoy the last bits of summer. I am so lucky to live where I live, and walking around, taking in the natural beauty that surrounds me is something that I sometimes take for granted.

Lions Gate Bridge
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more photos.

Even though there's a lot going on in my head, I can't seem to formulate a good post. Here are a few pictures from day 2 of the festival, again courtesy of An. We performed our Spanish suite, and overall, it was pretty good. Our Spanish influenced dances have never been our strong suit as a company, and it's something that I would like to work on both technically and choreographically in the future.

Jenilee and Iris in Jota Manilena

Marc and Celine, doing their signature Paseo de Iloilo.

Love this shot of Patrick in Jota Quirino.

Love these dresses, the girls in Chotis Taaleno.
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