on the bandwagon
kevin has jumped on. check it out.
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end of summer
when i was young, i would remember that the last two weeks of august would always feel distinctly different from the the first two weeks of july say, even though the weather could be exactly the same. this was because of the inevitable beginning of the school year, just around the corner. even though i'm no longer in school, i know it is the end of the summer. it's in the air.
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life is good
it's weird how so much of my twenties was spent finding myself, looking at what was behind the store window and yearning for things that i believe constantly elluded me. thinking back now, i know it wasn't my lack of richess which was the problem -- but instead it was of my lack of insight into being able to appreciate what the richness of life truly is. though i sometimes wake up on a day like today and feel down, i know that through the pursuit, i will find what i'm looking for. i guess that is why it is called perspective.
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[shushwap lake via vancouver]
summer defined
just came back from a fantastic weekend at shushwap lake. the whole weekend's memories would probably require its own blog -- there were so many great memories that i will have from that weekend, that i don't necessarily remember right at this moment. however, probably the defining moment for me was being on the water flotilla in the hot sun with the cool water within reach, forgetting all the stresses of life back home. there is always a moment that defines summer, and for me, that was it.
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this is the first dance 'season' that we have been rehearsing in the summer. usually our shows are in may or june; our show this year is on october 12th and 13th. anyways, yesterday's rehearsal was horrible -- nobody was there! i know that everyone needs to live their lives, and have stuff to do, but commiting to a show requires commitment and sacrifice...i know that i am the director, and my level of dedication and time spent is different, but when i'm sitting in a half empty rehearsal studio when i gave up a weekend of surfing or sailing, i start to care less and less.

trust in process, i always say. i hope everything will work out for october.
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a new intern is starting with us next week (kevin, our current intern, is excited that he can now delegate coffee duties to someone else). anyways, i didn't take too much notice of him when he came into the office, but i remembered he was dressed quite conservatively (i thought was was a bit older). after, i discovered he was only 19 or 20 years old, and i commented that i didn't think he looked that young. however, thinking back to when he came in, i realized that the thing that gave his age away was the spring in his step as he bounded in. was i ever like that? ah, to be ten-teen again...
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hair is a funny animal; and the need to get your hair cut is even a wackier one. today, i had a hair appointment -- however my stylist of almost seven years had to reschedule due to a medical emergency. in a panic (and also because i started to look like a rose bush growing out of control), i tried calling 'my back-up' hairdresser. no luck -- he couldn't see me either, especially on such short notice (his only opening was 12 days in the future at some crazy time like between 2 and 3 in the morning). anyways, an old friend from high school was recommended to me, and she was able to fit me in at 6:30 pm. Saved!

my little pony
...my little pony you ask? yes, i got the 'latest' (or is it most tragic look) a la david beckham. its funny how fashion mistakes of yester year become 'now'. actually, i don't mind it -- in the end, its all a question of whether you can carry it off. besides, men's fashion, especially when it comes to hair, moves at a snails pace, so i might be a fashionista rather than a victim.
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outside in
with one of my best friends, we've been having difficulties communicating lately, which has led to tension in our relationship. it has been weird, since of course, the definition of a good friendship is one without any stress -- it should be all about ease. i finally realized the bulk of the problems stemmed from the fact that how i acted 'on the outside' did not reflect how i felt on the inside. i really need to make sure i express honesty in all my relationships -- and assume that the other person is expressing honestly as well.
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wedding circus
last year, i was invited to six weddings, and in three of them. this year, i thought i was clear of any more weddings -- however, i have been to two this year and have two more to go!! i have a 'jack and jill' to go to today, which i'll probably go to after rehearsal (late). is it evil for me to think, but i sometimes i want to have a wedding so i can 'collect' -- but that might be a problem until they resolve this same sex marriage thing.
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my coworker, nathan became an uncle today. he was so happy, so proud to be an uncle. i got a call from bill, his cousin later on in the evening, giving me the shocking news that nathan's dad died of a heart attack. i am dumbfounded -- its crazy how life can seem so beautiful and optimistic one minute and then so cruel and confusing the next. we all need to appreciate the fragility of life. every minute can not, and should not be taken for granted, ever. the good thing is at least 'grandpa' had the chance to see his first grandchild before he left.
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shawn's nugget
i came across this comment that my friend shawn said to me a while back (i had written it down because it really hit me at the time). we both went through the same school program, and now are both gainfully employed in our field -- we are lucky. he said...."we're super healthy -- we live in the best city in the world -- we work in the industry with the greatest potential - we need to celebrate soon!"
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[granville island, vancouver]
he shoots, he scores!
i know turquoise is really 'in', and for a long time i've been looking for a necklace that evoked something turquoise. i have a friend who sells jewellry from a local designer, and i was totally going to pick up a piece which would be the 'perfect' necklace -- but for 70 bones. anyways, i went to a crystal place on granville island and picked up two stones, a turquoise one and a tan one for $1.50 each. i went to a bead place to pick up the leather for the strap for another $1.00 or something crazy like that. two necklaces, under $10! what a deal.
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sleep, my grandma, and getting older
i remember when 'nanay' (my grandmother) lived with us, how amazed i was that she got up at like 4:30 every morning, and started her day. growing up, i thought i couldn't wait until i got older so i would require less sleep, just like her. so why is it these days i fall asleep at 10 PM!!?
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[surrey, well actually vancouver]
cute soccer guy
before i forget, i finally got the nerve to talk to the cute soccer guy at 'double cream'. he was very nice, but of course, i couldn't close the deal, by maybe getting a phone number, etc. but he was working that night i guess. i'll have to go back in a couple of weeks when it is not so busy and try to drum up the nerve (and some conversation) again.
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the weekend
its weird how during the week, you are so social, doing stuff, making engagements -- but as soon as the weekend comes along, lately, i've been shutting down, as in just wanted to spend some quality 'me' time. i would think that most people think that it should be the opposite. i think i was sort of bit bumbed out because i was not able to go away for the long weekend, as i have rehearsal today. i did have a chance to go surfing. oh well...
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grant's nugget
i wanted to record a nugget of information as i call it -- something that grant told me last week. i was cutting someone down, and he said -- "Why cut someone down, when no one is better than anyone else". This might not be a direct quote, since i had a few libations :).
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gay pride
it's the gay pride weekend this weekend. i can't go to the parade, because i have rehearsal on sunday. i actually haven't been to any of the festivities, probably for at least 3 years. what does it all mean anyway, especially when i feel so disenfranchised? maybe i am a straight man trapped in a gay man's body.
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