ask randy: tuck or not to tuck?

Dear Randy,

I know this question may come across as lame, but I honestly don't know the answer...How do you know which shirts must be tucked in, and which shirts don't have to be? Rumor has it that if the bottom sides of the shirt does this: / then you don't have to, and if it does this --- then you have to. Or something like that?


Thanks Ernie! Don't worry, no questions to 'ask randy' are lame!!! I'm actually not sure technically if the way the sides of a shirt are designed dictate whether a shirt should be tucked in or not -- you got me there. I have a few guidelines of my own that I think should help you decide on whether you should tuck or not tuck:

First of all the type of pants you wear helps to decide whether you should tuck in.
- tuck in when you're wearing dress slacks
- tuck in when you're wearing chinos, or not (maybe just don't wear chinos at all)
- do not tuck in when you're wearing jeans

Also the type of shirt dictates whether you should tuck in:
- tuck in when you're wearing a dress shirt (i.e. a shirt that has a collar size vs. S M L)
- do not tuck in when you're wearing a sport shirt
- do not tuck in a sweater or a knit, that just looks weird
- do not tuck in tank tops
- tuck in a t-shirt if you want to reference a gay icon from the 70s or if you have amazing washboard abs. Otherwise remember my number one rule -- contour with clothing!!!

Finally the length of the shirt gives you a clue whether you should tuck in or not.
- if the shirt is halfway down your leg, then you sould probably tuck in
- if the shirt just hits below the waist, well leave it untucked!

Then there is always this...the half tuck.

Hope this helps!

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