i'm addicted to evite.
if you are planning to have a partay, sending an evite is the way to go. it is a good way to track who you've invited, and also if you are the sender you can even see when your invitee has even viewed your invite (which is a good thing for those with ocd).
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whistler weekend
this weekend, i went up with the posse to whistler for shawn's birthday. even though i have been super busy with everything show related, i made it a point to make time to go up to relax. although i was planning to stay until sunday morning, and then rush back to rehearsal, i think it was good that i exited 'stage right' on saturday night.

i went up with floe after work on friday night, where we met shawn and juliana at the cabin they rented, which was nice and rustic, not downtown condo style. we blew off some steam and just relaxed. saturday morning, we went into the village and had a great brunch, and then went mountain biking on the trails in whistler. the rest of the crew came up that evening, armed with 'tables' and 'records' -- an evening worth of tunes...it was working fine before we went for dinner, funny thing is when i left, they were having technical difficulties, and it was hilarious to see about eight guys try to figure out what was wrong, each on a component of the set up.

...and was it not great to have an extra hour of sleep? -- i love daylight savings time (falling back that is :))
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big time...

...only two weeks to go until the big show. we've had shows before, and at almost every local theatre (Vogue, Massey, Centennial, Gateway, Michael J. Fox, etc.) but the QET is different. it really hit me on the way to work when i saw our name scroll across the marquee -- this is big time.

i hope we continue to build on our past two performances, and give our audience the great show that they have come to love and expect.
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natural high
...every weekend it seems has been a "KP" weekend -- on saturday we held a "philippine movement" workshop, open to the public, with a pretty good turnout of very enthusiastic participants. it is always nice to be able to share what you love, especially the love of your culture with those of a different background. on sunday, we had a great performance at the roundhouse, with a very appreciative audience. even though there were some technical mistakes, the important thing is that the feeling was there -- we really gave our heart and soul, and everyone was on the same page, from musician to volunteer to performer. it was a great feeling!

...now only three more weeks til the big show!

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learn how to dance...
hopefully this at this open workshop tommorow, they won't be looking for a dissertation on philippine dance movement :). if you are in the area, check us out.

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the pinapple express
welcome to the true vancouver. i know we need it, but all of it at once?

anyways a couple of gripes, and to all you offenders out there, take note:

1. if you have an umbrella, do not walk alongside the buildings under the awnings. that should be reserved for people who don't have an umbrella (like me this morning).

2. and if you chose to be inconsiderate and walk under the awning with your umbrella, please be courteous and adjust the height of your umbrella so you don't poke people in the eye as you pass them (like me).

'nuff said.
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with all the preparations for my upcoming show, i've hardly had time to think about my birthday. usually at this point during any given year up to now, i've already come up with a concept, outfit, and even a venue for my birthday. but, last year, when i turned 30, i decided that i wasn't going to make a big deal of it until i turned 40. ...but, for those of you who know me, know that i love to celebrate birthdays, of both my friends, and my own :). i want to do something low key with a few people, but because i have such a diverse group of friends from different parts of my life (that only seem to converge on my birthday), i'm not sure how i can make it low key. i guess we'll have to see what happens.

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turkey day
    Much like the United States’ Thanksgiving Day, the Canadian celebration includes parades and festive meals, often including turkey and all the “fixins.“ Yet, again, at the heart of the celebration is the idea of giving thanks for the goodness of the season past.

happy thanksgiving everyone. i hope everyone, like me has a lot to be thankful for.
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no wonder jennifer aniston looks hot.
for a trial period, some of us in the office are taking yogalates classes...ardee, our instructor comes in once a week at lunch to "practice" with us.

after doing this a a few times, i can see the benefits in increasing one's flexibility, core strengthening, etc. again, no wonder jennifer looks hot!
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kp & likha in san francisco.
group shot after our show, alamat at the palace of fine arts in san francisco. how fun! boy do i miss those guys...

thanks, gary.
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some of you will definitely be interested in this study...
this is news (it's from CNN right?): Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women...take note!
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it's not disco...
come on by to the scotia dance centre on the 18th for a workshop that i'm leading (if you're interested). check it out.
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also under construction...
bookmark this site, the home on the web for the work of fides and rafael, the pacific ethnolographic research society. hopefully we will be able to bring them up to vancouver soon to exhibit.
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should be "not constructed".
...been very slow on posts, though there has been a lot on my mind which i should blog about...like for example the guy who was walking in front of me about a week back that told me to stop dragging my feet. even though he was a complete stranger, i listened to him (like i used to do when my mother told me the same thing, rest her soul), and then proceeded to get angry because i'm 30 and he was not my mother.

anyways, i know i sound like a broken record, but i've just been super busy with my upcoming show. as ramon obusan has said (according to my dear friend and kindred spirit fides told me), that staging a show will make you "cry tears of blood".

only a few weeks left, and alot still to do. i'll get there.
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welcome, noel.
check him out...happy posting!
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