been a long time.

It has been a long time since I last posted. Since I'm totally addicted to two things right now (Facebook and Yoga), I don't seem to have very much time to post. A lot has happened, I guess I have been pretty busy. Work still seems to be at the same steady pace, I was in the Bahamas for a family vacation, and I'm actually back to rehearsing to help prepare the group for the June performances. Sometimes I feel like my time is not my own, but I've found that yoga is really good quality "me" time. It's a selfish activity that ultimately makes me more unselfish, if that makes any sense.

On a completely other note, at the yoga studio there is a sign that asks participants to not wear any cologne/perfume to class. This is hard for me, because literally I've been wearing cologne since grade 7...:), and that was Polo Ralph Lauren in the green bottle. Anyways, I almost passed out the other day in class because everytime this individual lifted her arms in Warrior 1 (or is it Warrior 2), I almost passed out.

How about a new rule -- please wear deodorant to class.

Ok, I'm done. Namaste!

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