standard of beauty
i've always believed that filpinas (women) or even asian women for that matter are quite beautiful. however, check out FHM Philippines.

look at the women of the month. i am sure there are hotter women. or maybe the philippine editors haven't discovered the power of the airbrush yet.
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we all scream for ice cream
nothing in life is for free, except for ice cream. visit your local baskin robbins today!
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idol in vancouver
on my way to work, i passed by the centre, and saw literally hundreds of kids all lined up, with blankets from obviously staying overnight, for a chance to audition for canadian idol. we definitely will have a different flavour here in canada versus the states or even the u.k., so i wonder if the winning formula will work its magic in this country too.
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i just ran to ikea.
on sunday, frank and i ran the longest distance ever, almost equivalent to running to ikea in coquitlam, which is just about 1 km off the 1/2 marathon distance.

race time is 7 am on may 4th; if you can, i'd be cool if some of you could line the route and snap a photo or two. :)
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my oldest cousin jun, and his wife mini have been visiting our family here in vancouver. last night, we all gathered together for a send off dinner before they continued their trip down to california and new york. we rarely get everyone together all at the same time, (there are over 50 of us cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, etc.), but when we do, it is an always guaranteed good home cooked filipino food and a good time to catch up.

what amazes me is that though it has been ten years since i've seen jun and his wife, that it is always like no time has passed -- i've been so bad at keeping in touch. it's true that nobody loves you, faults and all, like your family.
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what do you think of this?
check this out...i wonder if they call them 'freedom' baguettes as well.
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take this.
the 12 minute timed test is stressful.
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this weekend, my dance group had an intensive two day workshop with my mentor rudi, the artistic director of likha-pilipino folk ensemble. it was such a great experience, albeit very tiring, and i think our tenth anniversary show will be so much better because of it.

I have met many artistic directors in my time, and the one thing that separates rudi from the rest is that he is so generous with his knowledge and creativity. this attitude is sometimes an anamoly, and is what makes him so special. he really believes that our craft is indeed folk, to be passed to those who come after.

if we never met in october of 1995, kp would not be where it is today. he has changed the face of the group, and me, forever.
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happy birthday rodney
it's rodney's (my brother's) 25th birthday today -- i can't believe it. i'm very proud of him (though i don't tell him often enough). at age 25 he's already had a substantial career working as a plastics engineer, left his job, went back to school and now is studying sound design at vfs.

i can remember my 25th birthday -- it was the first of a series of big parties/to do's that i would have to celebrate my birthday. my brother is very opposite to me and instead will have a quiet dinner having his favourite food with me and my dad and a few friends and family.

happy birthday bro.
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