As a resident in Vancouver's "Entertainment" district (I live on Seymour right behind the Roxy), I often wonder how many people actually want to go out on Friday and Saturday night to a club/lounge/drinking establishment on Granville. From the paper plates that once held 99 cent sliced pizza littered all over the road, to the paddy wagons on the side of the road are a familiar site as I make my way home at night, I realize that this is part and parcel of where I live, and at the same time something that I support, which is the development of a nightlife that is second nature and makes up the very fabric of what it is Vancouver. Granville has come along way -- and while places like Sanafir and Republic, while at first glance is a tonne of money spent on decorating a concrete box -- these places all contribute to the growing desire of Vancouverites to have fabulous, cool little spaces that are cool all the time, instead of fizzling out until the next "in" place comes around.

On Tuesday night, for Ed's birthday we checked out Republic on Granville and Marmalade, near Beach Avenue and the new fabulous Nu. For us Vancouverites to have a right to complain about places to go, first we need to support the business that are trying to build a cool scene here in Vancouver. I mean at Marmalade, we were sitting on the patio, listening to cool tunes, with great service by the owner, sipping interesting libations all while looking onto the water as the sun set on Vancouver. Come on people, no matter what people say, Toronto or any other place in Canada can't compete!

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