wedding weekend.

I remember when I was in Grade 8, I used to feel that time would stand still, that it would take forever until I would get to summer vacation, and the start of a new grade. Now it seems like the future can't stand wait, and life is in constant motion, sometimes moving too fast. My brother is now married and him and his wife are expecting their first child, some of my friends are on their second and third child, and the last of the bachelors and bachelorettes are getting married.

This weekend, Martin and Christine tied the knot. A surprise to most, it kind of goes to my theory -- that when you've met the one, everything falls into place and what might seem a short period of time, in fact is not because for most individuals, they've been looking for "the one" their entire lives. It was a beautiful wedding on one of the most beautiful of days at the Vancouver Club. My favourite part of any wedding is the speeches, and the highlight for me was Martin's of course. He has always been someone who speaks with such thoughtfulness and intelligence that it was no surprise to anyone that his words, filled with honesty and sincere emotion, brought the house down.

Congratulations Martin and Christine!

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