random thoughts.

Have been so busy lately with work during the week, KP all the time on the weekends, a busy social schedule and "me" time when I can fit it in. I don't seem to have very much time to post these days, but here are some random thoughts.
  • Malaysian food is good. Check out Tropika if you can. If we marketed Filipino cuisine woud we have more Filipino restaurants in a similar league?
  • Transamerica was a great movie. Loved Kevin Zegers (he's Canadian). Match Point was also great.
  • When will the camouflage cargo short be out of style? Even though it's ubiquitous, I want a pair.
  • I know that I'm really comfortable with someone that I 'like' when I don't care if he sees what's on my iPod and on "My Top Played" list.
  • Do you ever feel like you're running out of time?

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