ask randy: fashion tips 101

hello Randy

I have a interview with Telus tomorrow for a Desktop Analyst.

My wardrobe has nothing of the traditional business type of clothing, nor do I have a blazer.

I have 2 ben sherman shirts, one is fitted, the other is regular.
The fitted shirt is a burgundy colour while the other is a stripe shirt (stripes are different sizes) with grey, burgundy and black.
My shoes are fine, flat toed Aldo ankle boots, not heavy and a nice silver 'buckle' across the upper part of the shoe.

My other shirt is a dark blue shirt with hooks instead of buttons.

I do have a tie, blue with small gold unicorn heads on it. Its an OLD BOY tie from the school i went to..its not a school tie...its more of a classic tie.

Jackets: Black, straight cut leather jacket or Grey casual dress jacket with zipper down front and two breast pockets...

thats about it really..not much..then again i try to avoid employment where I have to wear business attire.


Ashley Paul James

Wow Ashley, that's a tough one. I know the type -- computer guy, as I also work in IT. However, it is important to "dress for success" and to make that good first impression, especially since you're applying for a corporate job. But the thing is with a techy type position, you don't want to dress too well, because maybe they won't believe you have the skills...:).

My first advice would be to come and see if you could borrow a sport coat from a friend. If you're not wearing a tie, a sport coat would convey the right message. However, on the short notice, with the options that you have given me, I would suggest:

- burgundy shirt (says serious and fun, but not as fun as the stripped shirt or the shirt with the hooks)
- your ankle boots
- the grey jacket, if it looks dressier than the black leather. If not, go for the leather.
- the tie sounds ok, but unfortunately, I don't think it goes with any of the shirts that you have. I'd skip the tie all together.
- you didn't mention what options you have. I hope you have dress pants (i.e. not Dockers, the death of American fashion) because what I suggest is black dress slacks.
- black belt
- black socks
- another alternative would be if you had a light knit (pullover), say in black or charcoal grey. This would make you look 'dressed-up', but still casual.

Anyways, hope this helps, and good luck!!!

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