ask randy: make-up tips?

I do have an "ask Randy" query. I'm in the market for some new eye
makeup. I'm sick of wearing neutral shades, but I'm not sure if I can
wear coloured eye shadow and not look trashy. If you remember, I have
hazel green eyes, brown hair (natural), with light brown/blonde
highlights (not natural!). My skin is fair. Advice??

"Drowning in a sea of Neutral"

My first makeup question! Since makeup for my shows is something I only know a little bit about, I had to ask my good friend Melanie, our resident make-up extraordinare for some tips!

"She should emphasize only 1 aspect of her face. There are only 2 features one can play up - and it's in the eyes or lips. If she wants to play up her eyes, everything else should be muted, but not matte. Because she had hazel green eyes, I would recommend a shade like an eggplant (or colors within that family) or something in the green family. I'm not talking a saturated shadow that goes on thick and stays that way, but something light enough that would allow a few applications to achieve the perfect darkness. She could wear this on her lid (up to the crease), for day, then on the crease adding a bit more to deepen the color for night.

If on some days she didn't feel like wearing the eye shadow, another option could be a tinted eyeliner, in a deep eggplant, with simple eye shadow. Pairing with very black mascara is always the best choice. You can get them with a bit of illuminizer so it reflect some light and brings attention to her eyes.

A tip to make eyes pop is to add a bit of a highlight color on the inner tear duct of each eye. I use the same color for my brow bone and tear duct.

Hope this helps. I could go on and on and on......."

...and hope you don't drown in a sea of neutral!!!

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