On Saturday, I had a chance to explore downtown Chicago. I'm staying quite a bit ways out from the city, so we had to pack alot of stuff in. Here is the day in point form.
  • Drove to the station at end of the line of the Metra, in Aurora.
  • Tried to pay for parking, but the meter didn't accept a credit card, and no change given.
  • Missed the express train, so an hour and twenty minutes later, arrived at Union Station
  • Bought an weekend pass for the CTA, and grabbed a bus to Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Got lost in the various galleries, for almost six hours.
  • Wandered around Millenium Park in the cold.
  • Went into the ubiquitous Wallgreens and spent the best eight dollars on gloves.
  • Hopped onto the EL Train, for the experience.
  • Warmed up with a warm beverage at Argo Tea
  • Bargain hunting at my two faves (Nordstrom / H & M), located side by side if you can believe it!
  • Back on the EL train, to Chicago station, where we walked to find the world famous hot dogs from Potillos.
  • Hailed a taxi back to Union Station.
  • A sleepy train ride on the Metra home.
It's cheezy, but when I think of Chicago, I think of ER. I felt a little bit like Luka when riding the EL train. I'll definitely have to go back to do more exploring, as I've only scratched the surface.



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