Last Thursday, I went with a friend to checkout the new "Salt Tasting Room". It's a cool little spot, in Gastown's historic Blood Alley. The room is sparse and minimal in it's design, and very simple in it's menu concept. Guests can assemble a tasting plate from its selection of 10 cheeses, 10 meats, and 10 condiments. Because I hate making such complicated decisions, especially when I'm dining out, I had the server select for us. He helped to select a bottle of wine, and some other appetizers from the menu, which is limited because there is no kitchen.

Overall it was ok -- service was a bit slow, and we were super hungry, which didn't help the situation. We're pretty lucky in Vancouver, with the number of great places to eat. I'd definitely check this place out again, if only for the cool factor. Definitely a good date place, as an alternative to the regular "coffee", but only after I've had something to eat.


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