2 weeks to go.

It seems all I post about these days is about dancing, and well, it's because I'm so busy with the company right now. Rehearsals at least twice a week, meetings, organizing, casting, re-casting, and shows! This weekend was no exception, with rehearsal on Saturday, followed by a performance on Saturday night, and then two fundraiser shows at the Scotia Dance Centre on Sunday. I'm very proud of how everything turned out -- the energy of the group was high, albeit a bit nervous and frantic for the first show. Things however calmed down into a nice rhythm by the second show, which is hopefully a sign of things to come in Belgium. One thing that I noticed is that I'm not very conditioned right now, especially in this heat. While I know all of the choreography for parts not mine, it's getting harder and harder to keep up with the dancers (gulp) half my age!

Thanks to everyone that came out.

During this busy time, I'm still trying to keep a semblance of a personal and social life. So much goes on in the summer, I'm one of those people that wants to do it all, but there is rarely enough time. More and more though I feel like do need to spend more time to re-charge and be with myself.

I love giving gifts, especially when it's not just for the sake of getting something for someone. The element of surprise and the unexpected for the receiver makes me happy.

One of the reasons why I dance is because the connection that I feel to the piece and the emotion I am able to express. This can be something that the audience relates to and 'gets' or something that can fall flat. But if you are truly honest with what you are expressing, the audience can respect it, no matter if they like it or not. Thus, the highs and lows of performing is not disimilar to the strong emotions I have when I have feelings for someone.

I really need to do a lyrical piece next year, really.

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