eventful weekend.

Friday night I went with a couple of friends to "Fuse", a fusion of "art, music and performance". I always wished that I lived in a city like San Francisco or New York, with its plethora of galleries and museums, but I would have to say I'm guilty of taking in what this city has to offer. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by my visit, and especially by Brian Jungen's work. It was truly amazing, especially the "three enormous and incredibly lifelike whale skeleton sculptures-Shapeshifter (2000), Cetology (2002) and Vienna (2003). Made from common plastic lawn chairs, his "whales" oscillate between objects of natural history and critiques of commodity culture, simultaneously understood as both natural forms and recognizable household objects. Cetology, the largest of the three measuring 49 feet in length, is in the Gallery's permanent collection."

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Rod and Ali's wedding, which was held at St. Andrew's-Wesley Church on Burrard. I've passed by that Church many times, and it was nice to finally have a chance to go into it. The service was great (the officiant had a very calming voice and insightful words of advice), and it was only topped by the reception that followed at the Terminal City Club. The speeches are always what I look forward to at any wedding, and the speeches at this wedding were over the top. There were points at which I don't think I laughed harder in my life as well as some words that brought me to tears. It was a great party and I'm glad that I was a part of it.

Sunday brought KP another week closer to our Belgium tour. Things are coming along, but of course there's still a tonne of work to do. After rehearsal I went with the gang to the monthly T-dance. I tried to look this up the definition of a T-Dance on the web, however I could not find a definition. Anyways, it's basically a gay afternoon party where there is no tea served or even dancing. However there were a lot of nice (looking) men that all seem to come out as the days grow warmer and longer. It was a nice way to cap of a busy weekend.

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